Can Sniffer Dogs Working For The Police Detect Hemp-Derived CBD Oil?

Hemp-Derived CBD Oil

A dog’s sense of smell is amplified significantly from that of a human to the point if we were to add a small dash of spice to a dish of food, a dog could detect that same tiny dash of spice within a massive quantity of the food so they can also detect hemp-derived CBD oil.  

The bridge of a pup’s nose comprises receptors of a highly sensitive nature to assist them in recognizing scents that we as humans would not fathom. Our nasal passages consist of nearly 5 million of these compared to upwards of 300 million for a dog. Breeds most scent sensitive include:

  • Basset hounds
  • Bloodhounds
  • Labrador retrievers
  • Belgian malinois
  • German shepherds

For this reason, dogs in these breeds are employed by police departments generally in the narcotics divisions to scent out drugs. They receive certification through the NNDDA or National Narcotic Detector Dog Association with the guidelines to find at least what deems the primary two compounds on the list, including cocaine and marijuana. Go here to read about the challenges police units are having with the legal compounds versus the illegal.

They need to be able to detect these substances within a space of 1000 square feet (0.93 a) with a batch of at least 10g. So, where does that leave what has become legalized hemp products and CBD derived from hemp?

Dogs Used On The Police Force

There is immense confusion over the handling of cannabis and all the derivatives, including CBD. Each state offers its own set of rules and regulations, with many drug dogs still trained to detect the compounds, leading to arrests. What does this mean for people carrying CBD products, and can these dogs smell CBD oil or hemp substances?

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These animals are dependable, necessary tools in the fight against drugs within America. They have an integral role in the police force with their human partners. The canines typically hold employment with their units in conducting traffic stops, covering the airports, and among the public at various events. 

They sense not only the presence of drugs but also people, guns, hazards as well. Now, the public is becoming concerned that they will fall victim to these searches and potential repercussions when carrying what’s supposed to be legal cannabidiol.

Drug-Detecting Dogs Learning To Smell Cannabis

The dogs that go through what is extensive training are incredibly specialized. Several years are spent learning to smell, among other drugs, specific cannabis terpenes. These include beta-caryophyllene, caryophyllene, and pinene. There aren’t high levels of these terpenes in cannabidiol products that have little to no THC. But depending on the brand, terpene levels will vary between the hemp-extracted brands making it essential to ensure you search for a quality product. 

Can Drug Dogs Smell Hemp Or Hemp-Derived CBD Oil?

Unfortunately, the answer to this question is ‘yes.’ A drug dog’s sensitive nose can potentially detect the substances. The likelihood is becoming minute, however. Reports indicate that many elder drug dogs are being retired because of the legal status of marijuana. 

Sadly, once you have trained a dog to seek out a particular compound, it can’t be untrained. These pups cannot tell the difference between what is a medicinal compound and the recreational variety. 

The good news is the new dogs have to be trained to detect hemp or CBD for them to be looking for these substances. If they don’t contain the THC or only trace amounts, they will most likely ignore it.

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You will run into a problem, though, if you fly or travel to an area where these substances are illegal. It’s crucial to take note of your particular state’s laws and those of the places where you may be traveling in case those areas have regulations against the compounds. The dogs may be trained for the substances in those locations.

Final Word

The terpenes that these dogs are looking for are minuscule in CBD products that are available today. Examples can be seen at . A dog may check it and move on. Unless you’re carrying a massive amount, there shouldn’t be a problem. A reasonable precaution is always to be mindful of the laws surrounding you in your local area and those wherever you plan to go.