Boost Your Numbers: 5 Tips for More and Better App Store Ratings

Boost Your Numbers: 5 Tips for More and Better App Store Ratings

On the internet, 90% of consumers read reviews. Learning how to get more positive app store ratings and reviews will benefit your app’s reputation.

Around 84% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. When a consumer reads your reviews, it has the potential to make or break their connection with your brand.

You’ve worked hard to achieve success in the app world. Therefore, you deserve to have glowing reviews to show for it.

Here are 5 tips that will help you get the ratings and reviews of your sweetest dreams:

1. Make Your App Available

Your app should be available on the best app review sites. If it’s not, you must work on making it available on those websites. For example, you can read a lot of MobileHelp reviews because the app has a robust presence on major app review sites.

It’s great to get your app onto sites where users can submit their own written reviews. Nonetheless, be open to having your app reviewed by a professional app reviewer or influencer in the app community. The good PR is worth it.

2. Use App Review Plugins and Software

App review plugins and software help you collect reviews more efficiently. They also help you target users at the best times such as after they complete a difficult task.

Review generation is much easier when you use a high-quality review software. The aforementioned link will direct you to the best app review software on the market. Here’s some solid advice for using it:

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3. Targeting and Timing

Target and time your requests for reviews appropriately. Don’t ask for a review until someone has used your app fairly extensively.

Furthermore, don’t ask new users for reviews while they’re using your app. They’ll find your requests intrusive. Also, if they haven’t had much of a chance to use your app, their reviews won’t be as informative.

Ask for reviews in between challenging levels and after users complete rewarding tasks. Getting that sweet dopamine and adrenaline flowing makes them more likely to give you a positive app rating.

4. Throw a Contest

Run some kind of contest to generate reviews. Make leaving a rating/review or using your rating app a part of the requirements to enter the contest.

You can run contests on social media, forums, and other platforms. To prove you weren’t favoring anyone, use to select a winner.

The prize can be anything from a gift card or free product to a single PayPal payment.

5. Respond To Negative Reviews

If your app gets a negative review, letting it go unanswered will stink up your entire review section. Always respond to negative reviews with sympathy and politeness. Don’t forget to include what you’re doing to resolve the problem.

People will think more positively about your brand if you respond to negative reviews with kindness. A little transparency goes a long way!

Get Your Best App Store Ratings Ever

There are at least 2.47 million apps available in the Google Play Store. With better app store ratings, your app will stand out from the rest.

The Apple App Store, on the other hand, is home to 1.8 million apps. The more app stores your app is included in, the more downloads you’re likely to get.

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Do yourself a favor⁠—check out more of our articles about apps. Your app will benefit from the knowledge you’ll gain.