Best Apps for College Students to Save Time, Money and Rock Another Semester

Rock Another Semester

Back in the 80s, when the world was only beginning to come to grips with sophisticated information technologies, students looked daggers at the idea that the industry supplying them with fancy electric “boxes” could possibly help them Rock Another Semester. Then, in the iconic 90s, when the ARPANET made its way into the masses as the revolutionary tool for exploring the new dimension, they servants of the Muses started harnessing the superhighway to broaden their intellectual horizons and developed unfamiliar affection to the obedient cyber mind.

Today, at the turn of third millennium’s third decade, intrepid college patrons savor the power of the Grand Machine by ordering professional help at online services like WriteMyEssayOnline , telling the know-all search system to “write my paper,” and just in a few taps accessing the reference material for their classes. The technological breakthrough that the world has witnessed lately gives this broad social category unbridled opportunities to take the edge off their studying, which takes up a good half of their lives.

As a passionately admired technology tool for softening one’s academic routine, a mobile app won’t stop growing on spoilt Gen Zers and tempting them to use the most of it. In this regard, why not take a look at the most thrilling apps each student who wants to Rock Another Semester would drool over?


This super-nifty app is an outstanding technological innovation and a true discovery for preoccupied students. Its unique functionality allows you to capture a lecture by recording it or photographing the content on the large whiteboard. To find some particular part of the lecture stored within the app, all you need to do is to type the necessary word.

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As another revolutionary tech product that can facilitate your studying, this smart application will make your revision process less obnoxious and more enjoyable. With GoConqr, you can create mind maps, revision cards, flash cards, and other helpful tools that will aid you in revising your cumbersome studying material. GoConqr provides you with efficient solutions to optimize the process of recapping the knowledge you’ve been obtaining throughout the current semester. With this app at hand, tackling the heaps of your reference material will get manageable and seamless.


Is exam preparation process getting the best of you? Are you sick and tired of going through piles of academic literature when getting ready for your finals? With this unprecedented innovation, you can explore preparation courses like GRE, GMAT, and the LSAT for not to miss out on the important information you need to keep in mind for your examination period. This app uses the networking-style functionality enabling students to connect with other users to exchange their knowledge and skills. 


We bet that the challenge of making citations in academic writing has become of the biggest and most infuriating studying pains for you. If so, EssayBib os here to confront your citing issues! This avant-garde application can make a reference to any academic resource if provided with a scan of a book’s barcode. Offering references in a variety of major scholarly writing styles, this program will provide you with professional and unmistakable referencing.


One of the most typical and rather disquieting hallmarks of student life is being tight on budget. Intimidated by the tuition fee nightmare and longing for loud partying at the same time, students will avidly embrace the idea of having their expenditures organized and restricted. And this ultra-caring and whip-smart app  offers users effective money management solutions, from separating their expenditures on bills, food, entertainment to limiting their outlays to the amount they set by themselves.