How to Choose the Best App for Your Instagram Stories

Instagram stories automatically disappear after 24 hours but leave a long-lasting impact on your profile. Whether your goal is to entertain your audience, deliver a message or promote your products, Instagram stories is an excellent feature to increase engagement. You can make your Instagram story more interesting by adding different effects and using unique templates. 

Instagram has limited features to edit your stories. Understanding this need, app developers launched many free and paid applications to help you edit and automate your Instagram stories. With such help, you can keep your audience entertained every time. 

The best apps for Instagram stories meet all your needs and share your stories how you want them. Here are some factors you should consider when choosing an app for your Instagram stories. 

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best App for Your Instagram Stories

1.Know Your Target Audience

Knowing your target audience and what you want to achieve with Instagram stories can help you understand what to look for in the application. Instagram has recently added a few features to edit stories and increase engagement. 

However, these features don’t work for most bloggers and business profiles. For example, Instagram has limited effects, captions, and poll stickers. You’re bound to repeat those stickers every time you share a story which makes your content boring.

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If you have a business profile, you’ll need more shopping stickers to hook your audience. That means you need to find an application that offers plenty of stickers, polls, and other animated options. 

There are multiple applications available for iOS and Android users, and paying attention to the needs of your target audience can help you make your content more appealing. 

2.Compatibility With Your Device and Integration With Instagram

This is the most important factor you must consider while choosing an application. You also need to check the integration of the application with your Instagram account. 

If you’re an Android user and have an old version of your device, you may not be able to use some apps. Choosing an app that works well with your device allows you to take advantage of all the tools available to edit and automate your Instagram stories. It also ensures uptime throughout and keeps your audience entertained. 

3.Check the Features of the App and Its Reviews

The features within the app determine how much value you might get from it. The popular features include filters, stickers, text overlays, animations, collage layouts, background music, before/after templates, scheduling, and analytics.

Some applications have more features, so you must compare available applications to enjoy the variety and flexibility. As discussed earlier, you should consider your audience before choosing an app for your Instagram stories. 

The best practice is to list the features you need while editing and sharing your Instagram stories and check for them on the different apps. Also, check user reviews on the application to determine whether the features work or not.

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4.Consider the Cost of the App and Other In-App Purchases

Most apps available for Instagram stories are free but require a subscription to access advanced features. You don’t need to purchase an app if the free version works for you. The free versions are still usable and can offer great value, but some may limit the time you can access the free version. 

Alternatively, some applications limit the number of features you can access in the free version and only unlock full features in a paid version. If this is an investment you are willing to make, you’ll have to consider the prices of every subscription plan and determine whether it’s worth it. 

If the value you get from the app doesn’t align with the subscription cost, you can choose a different application that offers you value for money. Besides, there are numerous high-quality tools on the market. So you won’t feel limited in your choice.

5.Consider Usability Factor

An application with an easy-to-use interface can save a lot of time. Make sure that you can easily edit and post Instagram stories with the application. An easy-to-use app is great for entrepreneurs or social media activists who have to post content even in-between tight schedules. So choose the best app that makes navigating from one feature to another easier without experiencing downtime. It’ll save you time and nerves.


Since Instagram stories have a lasting impact on their viewers, choosing the best app for creating your Instagram stories that suits your preferences and meets your audience’s needs is a great way to grow your brand. The right application for your Instagram stories can help you stand out from the crowd. Find an app that doesn’t dig deep into your pocket for subscriptions while still delivering value on your Instagram stories. We hope the above-mentioned features will help you make an impact with your Instagram stories.