7 proven ways for creating a blog for free

creating a blog for free

Blogging is the new career option that evolved a few years ago and has been spreading around the corners of the world really fast. It is a great career option and a great side hustles option too. Many teenagers nowadays are practicing it to earn their pocket money. However, many newcomers face problems in creating blogs and searching for sites that can help them create a blog for free to start the side hustle without any charges. If you are someone on a look for some sites that help creating a blog for free, well, you landed on the right place. Here is a list of some well-known and easy-to-use sites. So without any further delay, let’s jump up on the topic:-

Wix- creating a blog for free

Wix a website that can be used by both beginners and advanced due to its intuitive and modern designs. The website’s main feature is that it comes with a drag and drop feature, so you need not worry about managing the backend of the website. All you have to take care of is the content you are posting about. The best part about the website is that it offers the user free hosting, all you have to do is arrange the layout, pick the template, and set to go. The website Wix provides thousands of templates to its customers not only for blogging instead for other purposes too. 

creating a blog for free


 WordPress is one of the best sites for uploading blogs. However, the site asks you to work on the blog a little more as you have to build the site all by yourself afterward. Moreover, you’ll have to host the software of the website all by yourself. Though for a long-term process, you’ll have to pay an amount to continue working on the site; however, the amount is so cheap that it is just equal to nothing. The amount to be paid is just $2.95 per month for the basic plan, and you are all ready to go for just $2.95. The amount does not only give you access to a long-term process, but there are many other features included, such as free domain name, unmetered bandwidth, free SSL, 500GB disk space, and many more other features. 

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Linkedin isn’t a very famous site for creating content, and most people do not even prioritize it for creating content. However, LinkedIn does deserve some attention too. LinkedIn is one of the best sites for creating a free blog. As you don’t have to fetch an audience to your content, it has pre-existing users, and the tools are easy to use. The people using LinkedIn are all professionals and are highly focused. A recently conducted survey shows that there are 30 million business activities on the site and that 94% of B2B market people use the platform for primary lead. Summarising that LinkedIn can be the best site for creating content and is also free of cost. 

creating a blog for free

Weebly- creating a blog for free

Weebly is yet another site for creating a blog for free. It is a site not only used by people for creating blogs but also to sell their products or to show their portfolio. The Weebly site is a bit similar to Wix as it offers a drag and drops feature just like Wix, which will help you create a blog easily. The tool enables you to create a customize button on your profile. The same happens in slideshow, gallery, or other multimedia. However, you’ll have to pay for the custom domain. If you are new on the Weebly site, you get 500 MB storage, ad space, Weebly subdomain, fice custom pages. 


Medium is a platform used for many purposes. Such as creating blogs, exposing content to millions of people, exposing products to millions of people, or socializing. Unlike other online platforms, the main advantage of the medium online site is that it will show your content to a broad audience, and they can talk to you back if they like your content or product. Since the medium online site is struck by 30 million people per month, there are a million chances of your content getting viral. 

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Ghost is yet another online site that will help you create a blog for free. It is a site with a bit of similar WordPress. The distinct feature is that you can download the ghost software for free. However, you’ll have to pay for the hosting on your site and blog. Ghost is supported by a digital ocean service. It is an excellent service for all the bloggers out there in search of a site that explores their content. The site is best for ghostwriters and story writers. However, the digital ocean is cheap and offers a significant number of characteristics. Also, you can start your blogging with it. 

However, the site’s downside is that ghost is not as straightforward as the other online site WordPress. And you’ll have to work a little harder to create your blog. Depending upon the host you’ll choose for blogging. Later, when you set up a website to follow, it will be easy for you to create a post on ghosts then. 

creating a blog for free

Blogger- creating a blog for free

Blogger is one of the ancient sites for creating a blog. Through its value kept on decreasing as new online blogging sites emerged. The site is the best source for creating a personal blog however isn’t very effective for a professional outgrowth. If you think you lack somewhere in your writing, you can surely use the site. It works just like other platforms. In order to use it, you’ll have to create an account. Then, choose a theme and start writing on whatever topic you wish to write. The interface of the online blogger site is similar to that of the google+ profile. 

Like every other site, the online site offers its users several themes, each with different colors, gadgets, skin, and other features. The best part about the site is that it provides its user with ad space that you can use in creating your content.