5 Essential Reasons Why Your Commercial Space Should Opt for HVAC VRF System


Most Aussie businesses are shifting to new technologies, whether it be with their POS systems or their HVAC VRF System replacements. This is second nature to all Australians as most people are looking to save on their monthly commercial expenditure.

Whether you own a commercial space of a high-end residence, switching to the VRF system gives you all the necessary benefits of a high-performance heating and cooling system. This new type of HVAC VRF System has lingered in the market without putting much of a name until now. 

Most contractors are also advocating the use of Variable Refrigerant Flow because of their greater efficiency and economical use. VFR technology has been in the market for over two decades now, and the Australian market is quickly picking up the technology to replace old and high-maintenance heating and cooling units.

Ideal Zoning Areas for the VRF System

This type of HVAC VRF System normally fits in highly-commercialised spaces, businesses, and high-end residences that require increasing demands for energy consumption. One of the main benefits of having VRF technology is its capacity to provide the right temperature within each zoning area.

Variable Refrigerant Flow is also effective in harnessing energy, simultaneously providing cold air to a certain area while reusing heat for transfer to another. The heating and cooling system typically sits well in commercial spaces like restaurants, retail stores, high-end residences, and office spaces, among others.  

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Reasons Why Your Business Should Switch to the VRF System

There are several reasons why every commercial space in Australia needs to adopt this type of technology. It is worth noting that the VRF system meets every regulatory requirement for environment safety and all the needed energy efficiency requirements.

  • Get a simultaneous heating and cooling system

Unlike traditional HVAC systems where you can only have either cooling or heating at a time, the VRF system provides simultaneous use of both heating and cooling features.  It means you can use the unit to cool a particular zone while redirecting heat to another area of the building where it is needed.

  • VRF does not require too much space

Commercial spaces are often area-constricted, and having an air-conditioner sometimes takes a significant amount of space. VFR units are completely the opposite because of too much space in your walls or ceiling for installation. 

  • It has modern controls

More of the aesthetics of the VRF system comes from having modern controls. It is suitable for high-end residences because it supports mobile technology. Commercial settings also benefit from the technology because the system will not require the purchase of expensive building management tools and software. 

  • Get consistent comfort with a VRF system

Variable Refrigerant Flow is equipped with an intelligent thermostat setting that can detect precise temperature requirements per zone. It means you get the set amount of refrigerants according to your demands.

  • Less downtime

The HVAC VRF system is designed to detect slight temperature changes automatically. The system only runs when cooling or heating is needed and does so with partial-load conditions. It means there is less wear and tear on the system’s parts.

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Switching to the VRF technology equips your residence or commercial space with a proven safe and easy-on-the-pocket solution for your heating and cooling needs. It is one of the new technologies reshaping the HVAC industry in Australia and one that possesses the power to change the industry wholly.