Smartphone: The right time to get your kid involved with it

The right time to get your kid first smartphone

Smartphones are emerging as one of the most needed tools by children these days. They have become such an essential part of everyone’s life that no one can even imagine a single day without smartphones. But now the question arises what is the right time to gift a smartphone to your kid for the first time? Is it the age of 10 years or 15 years or it must be after 18 years?  In this article, we will discuss 5 reasons you should track your child’s smartphone 2020.

 Well, it depends on several factors, situations, and criteria that what is the right time for your child to get a smartphone. Just consider the age of 10 to 12 years as the perfect time for your kid to have a smartphone because of several school projects, social media activities, communicating with school friends, and many more. But make sure to track their smartphones as much as you can. 

5 reasons you should track your child’s smartphone 2020 

As a parent busy with your work and household chores, you cannot keep an eye on each activity of your kid. It is also impossible to supervise your children the whole day, and this can sometimes lead to a change in their behaviour and many other worst situations, So here are some of the main reasons why you must track your child’s smartphone:

  1. Inappropriate content and apps

Nowadays, you might have seen many inappropriate apps available online which can be downloaded easily after some warnings. Though various apps allow you to block inappropriate content apart from this, children might see them before you do. Also, there are sometimes when you can see various adult or explicit advertisements in between of some study work. This can have a bad impact on the mind of kids and will turn them up to check out much more content. So parents must know what kind of apps and content are being used by children all the time.

  1. Information sharing
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Due to a lack of knowledge and some excitement, children might not use privacy filters while communicating with friends or strangers over social media sites. This can be because of a lack of knowledge or due to some carelessness, It is therefore the responsibility of the parents to keep an eye on their activities and tell them not to share personal information such as an address, bank details, etc. to anyone. Oversharing of information has many times cause trouble for people in the form of blackmailing and other cybercrimes.

  1. Cyberbullying

Bullying can be seen in schools and colleges easily. But the trend has changed now and if you are not much focused on your children, your kid can be caught in the trap of cyberbullying. It will directly impact their emotions and mental health. If you think your kid shares everything to you, it is also possible that he may feel embarrassed about being getting bullied. Also, your child may be the bully himself. So keeping a track of the activities can help you out to stay alert and control the situation before it gets worst.

  1. Addiction

Too much use of smartphones can make a person addicted to it. When a kid gets a smartphone, he enjoys using it for games, study, movies, and other activities but sooner or later, there are chances that this can gets converted into screen addiction. He might get involved in too much texting that he will not care about his sleep, homework, food, and other activities. So if you feel anything like this, try to find out ways to stop this enjoyment into addiction.

  1. Reputation
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Sexting and sending nudes have become a common thing among teenagers. Once posted online, it will ruin all the reputation of your child, and sometimes this leads to a big step among children including suicide. So, monitor the activities of your children and safeguard them from future harm and damage.


Giving smartphones to your children is not a big deal but choosing the right time can bring a lot of changes in their lifestyle. Once you gift a smartphone to your kid. Make sure to keep an eye on each activity to stop them from making a wrong move.