Here Are Some Of The Changes Made To The MOT Test Post The Announcement Of Brexit

mot test

The MOT is a test that has been put into effect by the Department of Transport several decades back and annually reviews and tests cars giving them the required certification to be on the roads. The tests make sure that vehicles on the road are safe, roadworthy, and have their emissions in check. After years of working the way they have, the MOT test is finally getting an overhaul. The change comes after a new EU directive ordering all cars to meet the European Union Roadworthiness Package.

Although the UK voted to leave the EU through Brexit, it could likely still be an EU member when the directive comes into force. Furthermore, there is a risk that vehicles without a compliant EU MOT​would not be allowed into other EU countries. This could also imply that if the ​MOT test​isn’t handled now, the vehicles wouldn’t be able to ply through the EU post-Brexit. There are also talks that drivers licences would have to be applied for again after Brexit is finalised.

Other changes that have come about are the statuses that are being used through the tests. Vehicle owners would know how well they fared through the test based on their status and would be able to improve certain aspects of their vehicles so they can fare better the next time around or to help them clear the test. There have also been stricter rules for diesel vehicles making sure that they meet the emission standards. If they do not, they would not be allowed to ply on roads unless they did something about it.

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Vehicles without properly inflated tires would also find it difficult to get through the MOT test. There are other changes like the threading on the tires and properly functioning brakes. The other tests include all the vehicles lights including the reverse, brakes and the headlights. There are other tests for the engine, oil and the right amount of coolant. There are further tests to make sure everything on the dashboard is functioning properly. The steering has to be properly

configured as well so that the driver finds that he is driving in a straight line. To make this tougher for newer vehicles, all the newer features of vehicles have to be functional. This means that cars that have been purchased with day time running lights have to make sure they are functioning, otherwise they would also be marked poorly.

There are talks about new rules for vehicles above 40 years old. They would be exempt from the tests post turning 40 but have to be properly maintained otherwise there would be huge fines for the owners if they were in a dangerous condition.

There are also talks about certain parts of the city not being open to all vehicles and older vehicles would have to park outside those limits. If you want to get an update on the details of your vehicle, check out ​our website​.