5 Stunning Cake Table Decoration Ideas

Cake Table Decoration Ideas

5 Stunning Cake Table Decoration Ideas.It is a ubiquitous fact that at any event, a cake is a showstopper. More than vibe and games, people attend birthday and anniversary parties for the cake. The cake-cutting ceremony is much awaited at the event by guests of all ages and gender. When you have a party at an outdoor location, you are facilitated with a big round table draped in silk cloth on which the cake is laid for the ceremony. Nowadays, many fancy cake tables are decorated in the center of the hall for cake-cutting ceremonies. However, when you are hosting a party at home, you look for decorative tables. An attractive table is important as it will give your designer cake a platform and make it the centerpiece you have wished for. While you can avail online cake delivery in Rajahmundry for a party cake, buying a table for the cake can be a costly affair. 

To save a few pennies and at the same time make your birthday table compliment the cake, you can use these ideas. A show-stopping cake on a regular table doesn’t look good. Isn’t it? 

  1. Flower Blanket: For wedding anniversary celebrations, Valentine’s Day, wedding ceremony, you can opt for this flower decoration. Choose the flower as per the celebration and mood. For example, it is an anniversary celebration, go with roses for a romantic decor. For weddings, white coloured or pastel flowers can be chosen. Fresh flowers are highly recommended because of the fragrance and natural appeal. Artificial or paper flowers can also be used as per your preference. 
  • Choose the flower. You can go with flowers in contrasting shades or lighter-darker tones for an ombre effect. 
  • Cover the table entirely with flowers. It should look as if the table is covered with a flower blanket. 
  • You can also decorate the circular table’s circumference with flowers or length and breadth of the rectangular with florals. 
  • If you are looking for a simple design, place flower bunches or pots on top of the table. 
  1. Unique Cake Stands: Geometric-shaped cake stands, customised cake stands, mirror cake stands, and other decorative cake stands are readily available with online and offline shopping or bakery centres. Buy the one fitting your price range. 
  • Place the cake on the cake stand you bought. 
  • Now, place the cake stand either on a glass table or any flat surface
  • You can decorate the table or the surface as you like. 
  • One idea is to place candles and flowers in glass stands, or you can decorate the table with decorative strings or balloons. 
  • Balloon clusters of flowers with balloons can be used for decorating the table. 
  1. Floral Tablecloth: Another flower-inspired table decoration perfect for intimate celebrations or floral theme events. It is similar to the flower blanket decoration with a twist. An easy decoration that you can ace at home. There are different ways of incorporating this design, and we have shared it all with you. 
  • Dress the table in a coloured table cloth. Use a shiny material. Dress the table in a cloth in a manner that it should resemble a ball gown. Place flowers on the cloth as accessories. 
  • You can stick or stitch flowers on the cloth in a pattern you like. Drape the table with the cloth, and place candles on the table. 
  1. Paper Decorations: A cake table decoration idea for kid’s birthday. If you have decided the birthday theme, your decorations will be done according to it. If not, you can go for colorful decorations or choose pink colour for your girl’s birthday, black and white decorations to match with the interiors. 
  • Make Happy Birthday Bunting, hanging poms, decorative fans, pinwheels, streamers from craft paper. Decorate it as you like. 
  • You can buy these decorations from a craft store as well. 
  1. Glitters and Glasses: Add glitz and drama to the party with this decor idea. It is most preferred for adult parties, get-togethers, cocktail events. You can use personalised wine glasses or crystal candle stands. 
  • In the centre, arrange glassware as you like. Add floating candles to the glass. Then, add glitter confetti on the table and glitter inside the glasses. You can choose glitter colours that work best with the interiors of the location. 
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Hopeful this will help you organize a buzzworthy party!