7 Most Prominent And Never Failing Ways You Can Wear Horn Rimmed Glasses

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If you wear glasses, then you must have got your hands on plenty of frames to get the one which is made for you. In the 2020 Scenario, due to the corona outbreak, wearing a mask along with glasses is the most annoying thing only a person who wears glasses could understand, and what if the glasses you wear are only uncomfortable? To choose the best frame which is comfortable and goes perfect on your face type is crucial to avoid this tiresome experience and hence in this article, we have covered all those important factors to be considered about glasses and frames and also, how you can wear horn-rimmed glasses or spectacles to help you get your own without any quizzes.

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As technology has been evolved, innovations have paced up and as a result, there is a lot more creativity and innovations in the simplest of products. Though some of them could be essentials and some in luxury as to match the lifestyle of the modern generation. This significantly seems through the varieties of spectacles and frames we get in the market. Such as nerdy, cat eye, vintage, round, rectangles, and tortoiseshell or horn-rimmed glasses, etc.

What Exactly Are Horn Rimmed Glasses?

This type of eyeglasses is particularly made up of either horn or tortoiseshell. As they look like any other eyeglasses, they vary in the substance used. whereas regular spectacle is made out of plastic or similar metal material, these glasses consist of the hard shell of the woofy animals like buffalo and cow which have also been used for making some musical instruments, tools, the handle of knives, and glasses. In clear words, these are the eyeglasses rimmed with thick plastic material or horn. Though they are originally said to be made of a bull horn which was a real horn now they are made out of thick plastic that only looks like a real horn.

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Horn Rimmed Glasses: History And Invention 

The history of the horn-rimmed glasses is associated when in the 1800s, Europe, the frames of eyeglasses were made from tortoise shells and they were costly and back then in 1917 when a famous comedian Harold Lloyd who was an American silent comedian wore them in one of his comedy shorts. They were popularized as a fashion item due to their bold design which gave them a distinct look from regular thin-framed eyeglasses and thus, with the rise in trend, people started wearing them, and also, they were available in various shapes like round or rectangular frames.

7 Classic Ways To Style Horn Rimmed Glasses

The most exciting part about the horn-rimmed glasses is they come in a variety of colors and shapes and also depict the old-school thick frames, they have become a part of the fashion accessory as a vintage item. The only thing is you should now pick up your style of frame complimenting your outfit and you are ready to go to excel your personality and appearance. It also gives you a newness from your regular sunglasses or spectacles if you are someone who needs them daily. Below are suggested ways you can style them 

  • With Formal Outfit 

You can style any round frame or rectangular frame horn-rimmed glasses according to your choice and style them with your formal outfit for going to the office or corporate meetings. It will enhance your look.

  • With Partywear Outfit 

Many color options are available in horn-rimmed glasses and thus, they can also be part of your go-to party look by picking a color and a frame suitable for your outfit.

  • With Casuals 

When you are in a casual wear mood, regardless if you are a man or a woman, this thick frame will put a hint of little fashion sense complementing your casual t-shirt or trousers. It will give a little funky and sassy glimpse into youngsters.

  • With black frames 

Black framed glasses are the most versatile fashion accessories you can have in eyeglasses. They compliment your look without failing. You can blend a pair of black horn-rimmed glasses with any dark color outfit and it will still be sticking out, highlighting the color you have worn, making it classic and cool.

  • With Fashion Accessories

Typically, these glasses were made as a fashion item as their prominent colors and the thick dark frame was part of the attention, and following this, you can style them as a fashion accessory with the same colored belt, bracelets, and shoes for parties and dinner nights.

  • Vintage Look 

If you are someone obsessed with over-styling different types of eyeglasses then vintage horn-rimmed glasses are one for you. As the idea of design of these glasses is inspired by fashion sense in the late ’80s and ’90s, such glasses give a distinctly retro look. Though some people think it makes you look older it could, but only if you fail to style them appropriately. But it can also augment your personality if worn suitably by choosing your kind of frame.

  • Horn rimmed sunglasses

Horn rimmed sunglasses are one of the rescue accessories you can opt for on any occasion. With a modern update, they are now available in enormous patterns and colors for any age group person and go-to accessory for your parties, holidays on the beach, or mountain for a picture-perfect look.

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However, you will find people wearing such hipster glasses just as a part of their grooming as various colors, shapes, and designs in these eyeglasses makes them a part of their everyday lifestyle, and hence, they seem to wear them without prescription and not only as a medical reason. know that, horn-rimmed glasses signify their name because they were primarily being created out of horns of animals and tortoise shells in the early ’80s but now, they are made of thick plastic or metal which only mimics the idea of original horn-rimmed glasses and doesn’t necessarily mean made of real horn (unless specified).

You can easily get them online or at any of your nearest optical store 

Note: you should consider suggesting to your doctor if you wear it for medical purposes.