Super comprehensive! Have you listed such a design list when designing a web page?

While each project is unique, each project has a set of things and processes that are part of the designer’s workflow. This guide prepare with help of many web development company and it can help you manage projects,workflows, assign tasks among team members, and ensure that everything is done before a design project is handed over. 

A good design list can help you not get lost in a project. This article talks about whether you have such a design list when designing a web page ?

Things you should consider when designing a web page

1. Why do you need a list?

Part of a good designer workflow includes rhythm and order. A list is a good reminder. I actually created a custom list for each project. It always contains the following information:

  • Project deliverable and scope
  • Delivery deadline
  • Additional cost, design add-ons, etc.
  • On going tasks, what you will do when the project is completed
  • Payment information and payment schedule

This is just the basic element of my small list. Here are some other types of design lists to let you know what you are doing and what you are going to do. For a success of web development company, a proper planning list and web development checklist is must be in hand. The other most important factor is the web design price, make sure to compare the prices before deciding the company.

2. Customer and project plan list

Every project must start somewhere. The planning phase is one of the most important parts of the beginning. To fully understand the scope of the project, customers need it. You need to ask the following questions:

  • What is the scope of this project? What parts does it include?
  • Who is the expected audience?
  • What is the deadline?
  • What parts of the current design?
  • Is the content ready? Still need to create?
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The real goal here is to make sure you understand your customers’ needs accurately. Is it a website design or a complete branded package? When do they want it? Getting answers to these questions in the early stages will make project development easier.

3. Designer workflow table

For a  web development company,it is must to prepare a proper design work flow and then start actual development work..below list can be help you out in this process. 

  • Put your thoughts on paper.
  • Start drawing a frame.
  • Add a grid to your work file.
  • Choose your font.
  • Choose a color theme.
  • Divide the layout.
  • Rethink the establishment.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Treat each component as if it were in a design competition.
  • Design the best case, but do the worst.
  • Stuck in design until you get bored with it.
  • Avoid spending too much time on a concept before sharing with customers.
  • Be friends with developers.
  • Love every thought of you, but don’t be too attached to them.
  • Track your design during development.
  • Show your work progress.

4. Print design list

This list can be divided into three parts: image, text, and file preparation.


  • Your printer’s resolution of 72 dpi web images is unacceptable.
  • Use vector images when possible?
  • You adjusted the color and brightness, will the image look correct after printing?
  • Is the black and white image saved as gray scale?
  • Images saved in CMYK mode?


  • Have you checked the spelling?
  • Do you ensure that all special characters are drawn correctly?
  • Have you checked all the spacing to eliminate the strange gap between two spaces or words or lines?
  • Are all fonts linked to design files?
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Preparation of documents:

  • Have you packaged all the printer files? Text, fonts, images?
  • Did you remove extra text, fonts, and colors from the file?
  • Are all images and other design elements connected correctly?
  • Is your file type required by the printer?
  • Have you created a package file that contains all the parts?

5. web design list

Network and digital design projects require a complete list. The list includes some basic ideas about the content, features, and performance you need to communicate with your customers. 


  • Does the site respond? Does it work on multiple devices?
  • Is the site cross-browser compatible?
  • Is it linked to the logo of the web page?
  • Do 404 and redirect pages work?
  • Have you checked the internal web page link?
  • Is the user interface element consistent in design and functionality?


  • Have you considered search engine optimization techniques (keywords, titles and descriptions, ALT tags and URLs)?
  • Is your site loading fast enough?
  • Does the web page have a security certificate (if needed)?

Do you use the list when designing your project?We recommend every web development company should use this. If you are not using then please write us in comment  what kind of list do you use? In what format? 

Almost everyone does everything differently. The larger the item, the larger the checklist. We want to know how you use the list or if you have any share please comment.