12 Best Keylogger for Android [Updated 2019]

android keylogger

Keylogger apps are the best solutions for people who want to spy on someone’s phone activity without being detected. They are very common nowadays. If you browse through the spyware market, these apps come in two categories. A spy app can either be suitable for Android or iPhone.

The one you pick depends on the type of phone you have. In this article, our focus is on Android spy apps. Which ones should you choose? That can be difficult if you do not have options. In this article, we are going to review the twelve best keylogger spy apps in this niche.

1. Cocospy


On top of our list is one of the best spy apps. It is free and does not need you to root your phone. The reason why this best keylogger for Android from Cocospy lands on top is its ability to allow the user to see the phone’s activity on a real time scale. Its control panel is easy to maneuver. Besides that, the stunning thing about this app is that you can see everything as it happens.

For parents who would like to keep watch of their children, then this is the app you should use. Cocospy is a game-changer in the spyware industry.

2. Spyic

With more than two million users, Spyic is another app that is taking the spyware industry by storm. You do not require to have any technical knowledge to install this app on the target Android devices. What makes this spy app amazing is that it takes less than five minutes to install. Once you do this, you can access the phone through a user-friendly interface through another browser. Furthermore, it is discreet and does not drain your battery in any way. Cocospy 2

3. Spirix keylogger

It is another trustworthy app. If you are a parent, and you would like to keep a watch on your child’s activities on their phone, then this is the app to use. You will be expected to pay 70 dollars to use it. However, despite its price, the app functions seamlessly and effortless. You can monitor real-time activities on the target device on another phone or computer.

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4. Copy9

One of the critical factors to consider when choosing a keylogger app is the variety of features it has. For Copy9, we can conclude that they offer many features, including the monitoring of social media real-time activities. It also has a trial version for seven days. The trial version is perfect for people who want to test the way it functions. If you are satisfied with it, then you can pay a premium fee, which is affordable.

5. Mobile Spy

This keylogger (just like Cocospy) is fantastic. Primarily, the annual price is affordable. If you do not like subscribing to apps that charge you a monthly fee, then this is the app to use. Once you pay, you can access all its features. A feature that amazes many users is its ability to provide screenshots. That means that it is easy to gather the information that you need.

6. Appmia

One issue that you will notice with most spy apps is that they tend to overheat or slow down the target device when running from the background. Nonetheless, Appmia does not. Therefore, it eliminates the chances of detection.

7. Easy Spy

The spy app functions on any Android phone. However, you will have to pay a small amount to access its inbuilt features. Additionally, its control panel operates flawlessly. Hence, it makes it easy for you to view all the messages on social media, and passwords.

8. kidlogger

Although it has a few limitations in it, there is one thing that makes this app excellent. The voice recording function means you can discreetly record phone calls. Your child will not notice anything. Furthermore, it is free. Thus, it is the best keylogger if you are on a budget.

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9. TheTruthSpy

You can use this app if you are under a budget as well. It offers a trial version, which means you have some time to test it. The app is a top ten app because you can take pictures of the person using the target Android phone. Hence, it is easy to track it if stolen.

10. SpyEra

SpyEra app is an excellent tool for spying on your employees and children. It can access every area of your phone including third-party apps. You will also be able to see the reports in your account.Ensure that you set the frequency of receiving these reports into your account. Fundamentally, it is an excellent app for the job.

11. iKeyMonitor

If you want an app with outstanding features you can use, then this is the app. The one feature that you would love about it is that it does have a functionality where it records the surrounding. You can monitor someone’s movements (and who they have been in communication with) without their knowledge.

12. Shadow Kid’s keylogger

Parents who would love to watch their children’s activities on their smartphone, then this is the app to use. It is a free app and designed specifically for parents. The app may not have many features, but it does function without detection.

Final remarks

When choosing the best app, always put your needs first. You may not use all the apps listed. Therefore, as you make your selection, take note of your budget, do thorough research on the app, to know if it is secure for the target device or not. Additionally, you should check the customer support that the app provides.