Top 7 Crypto Crowdfunding Platforms

Crypto Crowdfunding Platforms

Crypto Crowdfunding is a new process of raising money for people, businesses, and causes. Today, crypto crowdfunding platform makes it possible to donate funds or crypto coins, such as Litecoins, Bitcoin to anyone investing in the crypto crowdfunding platform. 

Investors are always searching for the best crypto crowdfunding platform to get money for their projects. In this post, we shall list the top 7 crypto crowdfunding platforms. We understand that all investors have different requirements. Thus, choose the platform that best suits your requirements. 


With this platform, you only need a minimum amount of $100 to invest in a startup of your interest. Wefunder was the first crowdfunding platform to accept Bitcoin. This, in turn, increased the popularity of the platform. 

In a bid to keep the funding of a project stable, Wefunder holds Bitcoins in USD. Thus, if a Bitcoin investor requests a refund, the reimbursements will be at the current rate of USD.

One of the greatest challenges of using cryptocurrencies in e-commerce platforms is price volatility. This has led to uncertainties in this industry. Besides, these issues do pose a threat to crowdfunding investments. However, the founders of Wefunder have managed to handle this issue. 


This is one of the most popular crypto crowdfunding platforms. The members of this platform qualify to become members of Coinbox. Thus, you can connect with Metamask (a browser extension that allows users to link with Ethereum blockchain), and start using Coinbox to collect coins. 

One benefit that startups enjoy when raising funds through cryptocurrency is the ability to reach a global audience, while still pitching their business ideas. Recently, the SEC ruled that they don’t consider Ethereum to be a security. This ruling eased some concerns in the cryptocurrency industry about the possible regulations. Besides, it’s also encouraged the growth of cryptocurrency.

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Just like the crypto crowdfunding platform, Stokr, StartEngine is another crowdfunding platform that allows people to invest in startups. This platform has lots of investment opportunities. However, common opportunities include green energy companies and app development. StartEngine allows startups to raise a maximum of $1.7 million through cryptocurrency. However, certain businesses on this platform are trying to raise $50 million. 


KickICO facilitates and allows people to buy coins and make contributions to new startups at their initial stages. Thus, KickICO creates the perfect platform for crypto-based startups to raise funds. The platform was awarded the ICO of the Year title award in 2017 by BTC ICS. 

KickICO has about 60,000 registered users, and it’s traded in over 10 crypto-exchange platforms. Every year, KickICO hosts a blockchain-based event, known as CryptoSpace Moscow. The event brings together over 3,000 people and over 50 international businesses.

This platform allows people to create projects or contribute to campaigns through Bitcoin cash without the need of intermediaries. Moreover, has eliminated transaction fees. Therefore, users can contribute any amount to a campaign for free. 

Users need to have an app for them to contribute to any project. This app has a wallet, which allows hassle-free transactions. But, a project creator can export the project to other websites for marketing purposes. 


With the Brickblock crypto crowdfunding platform, customers can invest in real estate and ETF using their crypto balance. This platform also allows users to do cross-border investments, as well as 24/7 access to the capital market. 

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Brickblock creates enterprise software, used in the management of real estate, as well as other venture funds. Besides, it offers white-label products, which you can integrate with your current legal infrastructure. Apart from building trust between fund managers and investors, Brickblock also boosts investor’s efficiency at a minimum cost


RealBlocks is a decentralized platform, which is based on innovative blockchain technology. This platform was founded back in 2015, and it allows people to invest in real estate based projects. With RealBlocks, you can raise funds through institutional and intermediary channels because real estate and investment managers have a limit on how they can locally raise funds. 

Besides, RealBlocks allows retail investors to participate in projects with a token system. Thus, both institutional and retail investors can benefit from RealBlocks. Lastly, RealBlocks makes the buying and selling process easier compared to other crowdfunding platforms. As a result, people build their businesses more efficiently and quickly.