What’s the Best Business Management Software to Use in 2021?

business management software

If you are having difficulty managing your business operations, you might want to consider using business management software. This is a catch-all term for a variety of business software programs that can help you with your company’s everyday operations.

So what are the best business software programs for the small business owner?

We’ve prepared this buying guide for entrepreneurs to choose the best small business software programs.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the types of software programs you need. We’ll share examples of some great software programs. We’ll also provide the criteria to help you decide on the best software for your company’s needs.

Accounting Software

You should never depend on basic spreadsheet programs for your accounting needs. You want one that can help with several different accounting tasks. These include bookkeeping, payroll, and tax filing.

Such software is easy to learn and is far more efficient than spreadsheets. They also make the arduous tasks of payroll processing and tax filing much easier.

A great option for such accounting software is Quickbooks. Other options are to use a cloud software solution such as FreshBooks.

PIM Software

An important software solution for any small business is PIM software. This type of software works great for promoting your company’s products and services.

You can create high-quality product descriptions and share your product links through a multitude of channels. Let’s say you sell products en masse. You want to always provide your customers with regular updates. You’ll get these advantages from this type of business software.

Project Management Software

If you want to manage a team working on a big project, you have to invest in great project management software. This type of software helps you assign tasks, communicate with your team, and submit projects.

A great project management software is Asana. This software lets you create a project and add collaborators. Through Asana’s interface, you can interact with your collaborators to discuss the project. You can also use Asana to submit the project directly to your client.

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For example, if you are working on an eBook you can create it on a Google Doc. This Google Doc’s link gets shared on an Asana ‘task.’ Through this task, you can communicate with your collaborators and they can update you on their progress. When the eBook is complete, the project can get delivered immediately to your client.

This type of software makes working on a big project far more efficient. You must do your research on the best project management software if you have a large team to manage.

Communication Software

Whether you have a small team or a large team, you need to find great communication software. Sending emails or calling another team member isn’t the most efficient method of working.

Communication software lets you chat in a group and send direct messages to your colleagues. A great option for this is Slack. Slack helps you create groups (called “channels”) where you can interact with specific team members. You can also send direct messages to individual team members.

As an instant messaging platform, this works better than sending emails or making calls. However, many communication software programs also have the familiar features of these methods. With Slack, you can make audio/video calls and send attachments.

Conference Software

You also need conference software. If you work remotely you need to find a way for all your team members to have a meeting.

In 2020, Zoom became the leading contender for this type of software program. This application allows both video and audio calls among team members and individuals. You can also use Zoom to send instant messages and attachments while on a call.

For video meetings, you can also share your screen. This is a great option for discussing a project or for instructing your team members.

When deciding on a conference software, you want as many features as possible. You want the aforementioned features that Zoom has. You might want to also consider software that allows for screen recording. This way you can create an archive of conference calls for future access.

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One thing to keep in mind when choosing conference software is privacy and security. As such software becomes more popular, there will be more hackers attempting to hack them. Be meticulous in your research on the most secure conference software for your company.

Office Suite

Finally, choose a great office suite for your company. This is a software suite that has a spreadsheet program, a word processor, and a presentation program. These are the core applications that all businesses need.

With 2021 approaching, the priority for selecting an office suite should be the ability to collaborate on projects. For example, Google Suite is a great option for an office suite. This suite has all three types of applications. They are always improving their features and the suite works well for collaboration.

Best of all, Google Suite is free to use. You can create documents, presentations, and spreadsheets up to 15 GB. If you need to exceed this limit, you can pay a subscription fee. You can specify who you share your content with and who can edit it.

The applications within Google Suite have been used for creating employee handbooks, content libraries, and business proposals.

Apart from Google Suite, many other cloud storage servers offer office suite applications. Dropbox is a great example. Blockstack is another option that offers an office suite using Blockchain technology.

The Verdict on Business Management Software

When deciding on business management software, you want to take your time to research what’s best for your company. Regardless of the type of software program, you want to consider pricing, collaboration, security, and a variety of features. Don’t underestimate the importance of security, as a massive data breach could cost your business dearly. Luckily, tools like active directory management can minimize the risk.

If you have the option to use free software or free trials, make sure you take advantage of them. This gives you an option to try out the software before you make your final decision.

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