The Top 10 Most Useful College Degrees

most useful degrees

Are you a high school graduate and wondering what you can study in college? Do you want to pick a degree that will help you land a job after graduation?

Choosing a college degree that helps you get a job is key to making sure you achieve your life goals. While there are many degrees, certain degrees are more practical than others and help you find work easily.

Are you interested in learning what the top ten most useful degrees are?

If so, then continue reading this article. We will cover the ten college degrees that help you get a job after graduation. This will give you an idea of the degree you want to pursue.

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1. Engineering

Engineering is one of the best college degrees. Job security isn’t something you’ll have to worry about much, and there are many specialities to choose from. Each specialty has a lot of options as well.

If you’re a mechanical engineer, for example, you could work in medical equipment and devices. Civil engineering focuses on construction of large project such as bridges. Civil engineering is expected to continue growing, and the average pay falls between $85,000 to $87,000.

Engineering focuses mainly on math and science skills. The pay varies from specialty to specialty.

2. Nursing

Nursing is a great field to go into for a few reasons. There is always a demand for healthcare workers, which means job security. Nurses have a lot less schooling than doctors and make around $75,000 a year.

This is dependent on your location, but because the demand for nurses is so high, you choose wherever you want to work. Another option is travel nursing, which offers higher pay and the opportunity to travel the country.

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3. Law Degree

One of the most useful degrees is law. Similar to nursing, people will always need lawyers. Technology is useful in court, but cannot take the place of humans completely.

A law degree requires more schooling than just an undergraduate degree, and if you aren’t interested in standing in a courtroom there are other opportunities to use your degree.

4. Pharmaceutical Science

There are a few different places you can work with this degree. If you want to research drugs, beauty products, and other cosmetics, this job may be for you.

There are options to work for the government as well. This degree can provide you with job opportunities that pay over six figures.

5. Education Degree

Although, this is not the highest paying job, it does offer lots of job security and can be very rewarding. There are options to work with a people of all ages. If you want to work with children, a preschool or elementary school might be the best fit.

If you prefer to teach and inspire collage age and above, a university might be the best fit for you. There’s also administrative job opens such as a principle.

6. Computer Science

Another one of the most useful degrees in computer science. Technology is hard and not everyone has the patience to learn it.

If you are at all interested in computers, coding, or programming consider going to school for computer science. With this degree, people make an average of a little over $100,000.

7. Business

A degree in business is broad and offers lots of different opportunities. You can work in management or have an administrative role.

You can also pursue a career in consulting or human resources or business marketing. The wide range of jobs mean the pay for this degree is vast.

8. Finance

There are many jobs option with a degree in finance. This field is expected to  continue growing, opening up a lot of jobs.

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Financial advisor, consultant, manger, and investment banker all require math skills. These are just a few of the jobs available to you after you receive your degree.

If your job involves talking to clients, you will also need communication skills. As you continue to learn and improve in the industry, the pay will increase.

9. Architecture

It may seem like you can’t do much other than design buildings with an architect degree, but that’s not true. There are many options, including graphic design, project management and even interior design.

Creativity, math, and some computer skills are crucial for this line of work. Homes and business building will continue to be built, creating some job security.

10. Mathematics

Mathematics is another one of the best degrees. It’s broad and allows you to keep your options open when searching for a job.

You can pursue a career as a math teacher or work as a financial examiner. It is another degree that has different salary ranges.


Use your college as a resource, they have connections, and they are there to help you find a job. They can give you advice and set you up to be successful after graduation.

If you choose a field, job, or career you no longer like, it’s okay to switch or move on. It’s possible to learn new skills and change your career. It can be intimidating to go back to school, but it will be worth it when you find a job you love.

Most Useful Degrees

Having the most useful degrees is one that makes you happy. If you are using the skills you have learned and enjoy what you do, then that’s a win. The best college degrees are in line with your interests.

Don’t always follow the money. The degrees that will help you get a job with high job security are nursing, engineering and computer science. If you liked this article, look at our other informative page for more.

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