The Best ERP Systems

erp systems

Enterprise resource planning systems are used to manage all business-critical software in one complete system. It integrates systems from different department in the business such as human resources, supply chain management, financial management, manufacturing, and accounting in a single interface.Business of any size have benefited from using ERP systems to allow transparency of all aspects in the business. Each employee in the business from any department can track all processes in production in real-time to ensure that all procedures are in place.

ERP systems can integrate each department in the business cohesively to help the company grow bigger. Multinational and enterprise corporations were one of the firsts to use ERP systems, as it provides useful features to run and manage production.

Nowadays, small companies can benefit greatly from using ERP systems. Here are the best ERP systems to use:


NetSuite was named the world’s #1 cloud ERP solution. This system offers a cloud-based application that can help run multiple operations in the company. All reports provided by NetSuite are happening in-real time to ensure that every employee has access to accurate information.

Using NetSuite is a great choice for businesses that are small or big. Your company will focus on improving productivity and developing new ways to grow.


Odoo provides one of the best open-source enterprise resource planning software. You can integrate accounting, billing, e-commerce, project management, customer relationship management, financial management, inventory management, manufacturing, and purchasing all in Odoo ERP system.

Odoo also offers 30 main modules that can be adjusted based on the company’s needs, as well as 16,000 third-party apps and plug-ins that can be added to the software.

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Odoo provides its incredible features to businesses of all sizes and different industries.


Brightpearl is famously used by retailers and wholesale business, as it provides features that they can benefit from to grow. The cloud-based ERP can manage everything from inventory to customer service in real-time and across all of the company’s locations.


ParagonERP is another cloud-based ERP that can manage all aspects of your company’s daily operations. It can integrate your accounting and e-commerce department, as well as your accounts on sites such as Amazon, Shopify, and Quickbooks Online.


Whether you have 5 employees or 10,000 employees, Wherefour will help your team manage inventory, customer orders, reports, and more. Wherefour allows you to integrate different software data with other systems such as Amazon, Shopify, and Quickbooks.

IQMS Manufacturing ERP Software

IQMS Manufacturing provides companies with ERP software that monitors every process happening within the manufacturer in a single system. IQMS solution is the answer for manufacturers that develop products for a variety of industries such as medical, automotive, food and beverage, plastics, and more.


ERP systems will help every business of any size to track, monitor, and communicate with departments from several locations in real-time. It encourages your business to grow by focusing on productivity, enhancing business reporting with the accurate data, increasing profit, and providing the best customer service.