6 Oddball Businesses To Start Online In 2023

Connecting to the internet opens boundless opportunities waiting to be tapped. Any product or business can be accessed with just a few clicks today. Thanks to the internet, many entrepreneurs have made their fortune with minimal capital.

To succeed, you must set your online business apart from everything else. In many industries, online competition is very stiff. If you’re offering almost the same products and services as others, it can be challenging to attract customers.  

Many self-proclaimed consultants will try to lure you to business ventures that are already very saturated or money-making schemes that don’t work at all. You can click here if you want to know more about this. 

What you really need are unique business ideas that can capture a sizable market. Here are some oddball business ideas you can start online in 2023:

  • Drop Servicing Business

Many business owners seek professionals to take care of their websites, digital marketing campaigns, and other technical needs. The workload for these projects can be overwhelming. You’ll find that many companies are always looking for talented professionals to design websites, edit videos, create graphics, or write content for them. If you have a network of technical and creative professionals within your reach, you may try organizing a drop servicing business.

A drop servicing business is a service-based business where you outsource work to freelancers or agencies and then resell their services to clients at a higher price point, keeping the difference as profit. This business can be done online, but you must diligently monitor each project’s progress to keep your clients happy. Read now to discover the ins and outs of running a drop servicing business.

  • Website Flipping

Website flipping is essentially the same as house flipping—except you’ll be ‘renovating’ or improving websites instead of homes. The idea here is to buy, improve, and sell websites for profit.  

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This can be lucrative if you have a good eye for design, marketing, and SEO. You can visit website marketplaces to find websites for sale. Alternatively, you can build a website from scratch and sell it for a profit once it gains traffic or ranks better on search engines.  

  • Pooper Scooper

Are you thinking of launching a cleaning business but need to know how to set it apart from all other cleaning services in your area? You can advertise online as a pooper scooper instead! This unique service is in high demand, especially if you live in a city where most pet owners don’t have the time or desire to clean up after their furry friends. 

This could work well in areas with numerous high-rise apartments and studio units where pet owners only have a little space. By offering this specialized service, you can attract a niche market and differentiate yourself from other cleaning businesses in your area.

  • Homemade Pet Food

The home-based catering and baking industry is quite saturated already. So, if you want to launch a food business within a specialized target market, you can sell homecooked pet meals instead! 

Many pet owners are always looking for healthy and nutritious meals for their furry companions, and selling homemade pet meals can be a profitable niche market. With the increasing demand for organic and natural pet food, this can be an excellent opportunity to start a unique and successful business.

You won’t even need a lot of condiments to start a pet food business since salt and other seasonings are not recommended for pets. And if you have baking skills, you can add pet-friendly cakes and baked treats to your menu!

  • Professional Resume Writing Services

Writing resumes and cover letters may not seem profitable, but you’ll be surprised how many professionals need this service. As the modern job market is becoming increasingly competitive, having a well-written and professional resume and cover letter can make all the difference in securing a job interview. 

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Additionally, many people need help effectively communicating their skills and experiences on paper, making resume writing services a valuable resource. Professionals, both young and old, could benefit from a professional resume writing service. 

Young professionals need to make a good first impression since they don’t have extensive work experience to highlight. On the other hand, older professionals may need help updating their resumes to reflect their current skills and accomplishments in an appealing format.

  • Meal Planning Services

Yes, meal planning services are already quite common in most places. However, you can always add a unique touch that will set your meal planning business apart from all the others. For example, you can help keep track of your clients’ calorie count with the meal plans you prepare for them each day. 

Another way to differentiate your business is by offering personalized meal plans based on clients’ dietary restrictions or preferences, such as vegan, gluten-free, low-carb, low-sugar, or keto diets. By offering customized meal plans and preps, you can help your clients achieve their health goals and build a loyal customer base.  

In Summary

Starting a successful business all begins with an idea. The more specialized your business idea is, the easier it will be to target a specific audience and differentiate yourself from competitors. 

The business ideas listed above might sound odd to some, but they provide value for the right people. So, if you plan to launch a business in 2023, consider getting into the drop servicing business or professional resume writing services. Selling home-cooked pet food, creating personalized meal plans, and pet waste removal services are also worth considering!