How to cooperate with Youtube to promote your products?

Teach you how to find a person to do video promotion on YouTube~

Youtube is world’s largest video sharing website. Users are distributed all over the world and are suitable for any site promotion.

YouTube itself is also an independent commercialization platform. Many people will open cooperation channels and leave professional cooperation methods to win together. Therefore, YouTube has a platform for a good dynamic display of products.

In general, YouTube, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, the most users, it is best to find. In the bottom setting, you can choose whether to show users worldwide or users in a certain country.

The promotion cost of YouTube is relatively large, and the sample + video requires cost, so the product needs to be selected. What products are necessary to shoot video? Drones, skateboards, etc. are suitable. Some small value items like table lamps are not worthwhile.

How to find Youtube Daren cooperation?

1. Lock the country keyword search

If your product is for US users, it is best to select the country as the United States and search for it among US users. After screening the area, perform a keyword search. For example, if your product is a drone, search for the keyword drone directly and find the video’s home page in the first three pages of the video that appears. Not every video person is suitable, so you need to filter through the home page information.

First, look at the frequency of video updates. It is not recommended to contact the frequency too low, and active users with high frequency are worth the effort.

Second, compare the average viewing amount of the video. Many people don’t have every video very hot, so we need to judge the appropriate cooperation based on the average performance level of all videos.

Third, check out the information profile of the person. Many YouTube people will publicly announce that they are a collaborative product review, and it is easy to see the other party’s mailbox. This cooperation will be very large and professional.

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If you think that the number of people who search for product keywords is not large, considering the response rate, it is best to contact as many people as possible. Therefore, you may also try to search for keyword keywords to see what your competitors have. Video, you can contact the producers of these videos, because the average person will be willing to do a related comparison of a certain type of product.

2. Contact people

There are two kinds of contact methods. One is to contact directly through the email address displayed by the other party. If the other party does not display the email address, you can contact it via the station’s letter send a message. YouTube has no restrictions on the station letter, you can boldly explain your intention and leave contact information. YouTube is to some extent supporting business cooperation.

3. Make a video

Before you make a production, you can communicate well with people, such as what effect you want, or what discounts you can offer to your fans, and so on. Some people are free to make videos, but the top is generally charged, so you must talk about cooperation costs before you cooperate.

4. Tracking video

YouTube’s people are generally very busy, the products in their hands are lined up to do video, and, not in chronological order. For the viewing rate, they will give priority to making good products. If your product is good enough, don’t worry about the cycle, usually 1-2 weeks, but if your product is not the best in the industry, then you need Keep following up, negotiate with the people to get an online time and so on.

5. Observe video traffic

After the video is launched, it is best to express gratitude and appreciation to the people, which is conducive to the later cooperation. Once the people form a cooperative relationship, the new products can be directly contacted and cooperated. Both parties hope that the video has a good view. If the traffic is large, there is no need to consider follow-up. If the traffic is not enough, you may wish to negotiate with the person to improve.

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The above is the basic steps for how to do video promotion on YouTube. Need to be reminded that the nature of YouTube is a long-term strategy, video production cycle is less than a week, more than a month, the late flow will also grow with time, so you need to prepare for long-term benefits, short-term difficult to be effective.

Here are some of the factors that influence YouTube’s video rankings:

1. The total number of views

The number of views for a YouTube video is a complete view of the calculation. If the video is opened but not closed, it is not counted or counted in a relatively small proportion. Therefore, the video must reach the human effect + wonderful content, in order to attract people to complete the reading.

2. Likes and comments

The ratio of the two is not known. After all, YouTube’s algorithm is the same as Amazon A9, no one knows the specific algorithm. In order to avoid bad competition, foreign websites will not disclose their own algorithms.

3. Time on the list

Most of the time, if your search doesn’t have a limited time frame, there will be a small, half-long video on the first few pages, 2-3 years or even 5 years. Time is also a cumulative factor.

Can YouTube’s ranking be brushed? of course can. is it safe? Of course not safe.

There are many freelance platforms abroad, such as Fiveer’s five-dollar service, you can easily use thousands of dollars to brush thousands of views. However, YouTube is not stupid, it can identify which ones are brushed, the final number of views of the video will be reduced, and YouTube will delete the abnormal number of views.

Therefore, the focus is still good people + good video, in order to promote.