The 5 Most Underrated Slot Games You’ll Find Online Today

Underrated Slot Games

About Schmidt, the 2002 Jack Nicholson flick, is often cited as an example of an underrated movie. It was well received at the time, of course, but some would argue that it’s a masterpiece and one of Nicholson’s finest performances, which is really saying something. 

The point is that, in all types of media output, little gems can slip past unnoticed, whereas tripe like Anger Management can reap the rewards of mediocrity. The same goes for music, television, video games and anything in the cultural spectrum. 

It’s true for casino games too, with some bland titles reaping all the popularity, while others are left behind. Below we are going to look at five 5 Most Underrated Slot Games you’ll find at popular online casinos, but which we feel have been badly overlooked. In fact, these five games are mini masterpieces: 

  • The Legend of Shangri-La: Cluster Pays (NetEnt)

NetEnt, a software developer regarded as one of the best in terms of in-house design, really hit the mark with this ‘cute’ game that can be played for very low stakes. This one should be given a try, and it can be found nestled among the selection of NetEnt games on top sites. What really stands out about the game is the clever design and the way it awards wins, hence the tag “Cluster Pays”. There are also some really fun special features, which can add a considerable amount to your cash balance. Indeed, while the Legend of Shangri-La looks tame, it really does have some big payout potential. 

  • Robocop – Playtech 
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How this game didn’t become an instant classic is beyond us. In fairness, it can only be found exclusive to Playtech sites. So, if you play your favourite slots in Canada, look out for the Playtech logo on the site for a chance to play Robocop. Anyway, the game incorporates lots of elements from the 1987 Robocop movie, including real video clips and audio. There are loads of creative bonus features, and the graphics are among the best of any casino game around. Top stuff, and it should be regarded as one of Playtech’s best ever creations. 


  • Finn and the Swirly Spin – NetEnt


Let’s be clear: Finn and the Swirly Spin is not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is so different from any other game around that it has to have some sort of recognition. For a start, it might sound paradoxical to say it is a slot machine without reels. But that’s exactly what’s happened here, and NetEnt deserved credit for such a bold design. However, the main attraction has to be magical free spins features accessed when solving the maze. The game records your progress, meaning you can unlock new features over time. 


  • American Dad Slot – Playtech


Playtech does a lot of branded games, and this title is obviously based on the hit television series American Dad! However, we think sometimes the gimmick of branding a game can make players believe it isn’t a ‘serious’ casino game. Nothing could be further from the truth, and American Dad is big on special features and in-reel enhancements that you can help you win huge amounts. The fact the game doesn’t take itself too seriously adds to the fun too. 

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  • Rabbit in the Hat – Microgaming


While this game doesn’t have the branding hook of others in this list, and is thus a bit more difficult to market, the game is seriously creative. Indeed, Rabbit in the Hat has that unique quality of feeling fresh with every spin. That comes thanks to its shifting symbols that move across the reels with each spin. We have to admit, it can be infuriating at times, but when it’s on song – it’s magic.