10 Things to Keep in Mind Before You Start the Marketing of Your Product/Services

10 Things to keep in mind before you start the marketing of your product/services

Marketing – A term that scares people to the core. Why? It is because the world is full of vivid brands and companies and you need to employ the tool of marketing to spare a place on the pedestal for you. It is not easy to win the hearts of people by marketing the product/service the way you want. There is a proper strategic way of planning the marketing campaign for any company. There is a huge demand of marketers in the market, and it is vital to have an efficient person on that post because marketing decides the fate of the company. A successful marketing campaign can secure a place for the brand in the market. But if the marketing program backfires then it can disintegrate your company. Here are 10 things that you need to keep in mind before you are set for the marketing of your product/service.

  1.    Perfect timing

The marketing campaign should be scheduled at a time when there is not an obstacle that can hinder the growth of the Company. If the Company launches a promotional event and meanwhile the Rival Company also brings its advertisement, then it will steal away all the limelight from your company. So the timing should be as per the product’s seasonal requirements and the performance of the competitors.  

  1.    Contact the contractors beforehand

You have to contact the influential people who can help you in building a strong name for your company. You must clarify all the terms and conditions beforehand and keep in touch with them till your contract is finalized. You have to beware of the stakeholders because they are always ready to cannibalize your share.

  1.    Market Research

It is a must if you wish to solidify your victory over others. You carry out research on the competitors’ history, the customer base and the existing unfulfilled demand in the market. When you know the ABC of the market, then you can proceed further. It will make it convenient for you to do the marketing of your business as you will have the knowledge of every aspect of the market.

  1.    Decide your customer niche

10 Things to keep in mind before you start the marketing of your product/services

Unless you know the segment you wish to cater, then only you can guarantee higher sales of your product/service. If you can target the audience, then you can concentrate on that one section and make advancements in your product/service. The advertising message of a product that is meant for the youth would carry the message that hits them; otherwise, it would be a failure.

  1.    Follow the RIP acronym (Remind, Inform and Persuade) rule

First, inform the public about the attribute and benefits of your product and service, then you persuade them to buy it through various advertising appeals and finally once the brand is well established, then you remind them of its presence in the market time to time. You must know at what stage of product lifecycle your product/service lies.  

  1.    Distribution of samples

People don’t trust any brand the moment it enters the market. It takes some time for them to understand the product/service and then make up their mind for its purchase. So, you entice the customers by introducing free samples and freebies for the initial stage, and once they are satisfied with its quality, then you can withdraw this offer. It will make a lot of difference in its sale for sure.

  1.    Decide budget properly

10 Things to keep in mind before you start the marketing of your product/services

It is the most important factor in marketing. You have to decide the amount you would spend on the promotional activities. You need to list out the budgeting methods you would use and also justify the reason for their usage.

  1.    Media planning and buying

You have to make your brand be recognized even in the remote areas, so you will have to decide the best media channel that will help you gaining the maximum attention from the audiences. Whatever media you choose, you should consider the factors like its reach and frequency with which it airs the ads, in mind. The power of media can create a revolution.       

  1.    Online presence is the most important

If you are advertising on T.V. or radio, that is fine, but you have to assure the visibility of your brand across the globe by making it active online. Online marketing is relatively less expensive and also it gets the highest number of loyal customers for any brand.

  1.    CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) always works

Whenever a Company takes this step, it knows that people are convinced when the Company acquires the image of humanitarian.  When you plan CSR, be aware that your budget permits you to donate some share to the NGO or other social activities. It is a shrewd plan because, in this way, the company tries to pull the emotional trigger that melts the heart of people, hence ensuring a massive customer supply.

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Step Out, Market and Become a Brand

Do you think these tactics will prove to be effective for your brand? Does your brand lack the qualities of an ideal product/service? Do you think your Company can survive among others who are sitting beside the shore to eat you up? Don’t worry, once you opt for these strategies, then you can witness a drastic rise in your sales in no time. It is highly recommended that you record your progress report and have a look at it regularly. You have to understand that people will be all agog only when your Company succeeds to position it high in their minds.