The 10 Most Playable Types of Online Games

Which is that one online game that you can play online over and over again? The introduction of online games has made the world a better place to live in. Online games are not only depression and stress relievers but also a great source of entertainment. Millions of people are currently playing them because of their easy access and fast download due to improved internet speed. It’s very magical!We were lucky to interact with a seasoned casino author and gamer Michelle Thomas (you can link up with her here), who elaborates to you more about  types of online games.

What makes a game playable?

A game must be entertaining and fun to play to be classified as playable. You may find a playable game, but it will also be worth checking the platform where it is hosted. For instance, if you want to play for real money, then checking Canadian online casino reviews will make you understand the platform you are about to use. The following is a list of the most playable games at the moment.  

1. Apex legends

Apex has emerged to be the most played mobile game in the world just after a few months of release. Its quality made it to overtake others in the gaming arena. A reason for that might be because of its free business model, thus encouraging most players to try it. 

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The military simulator experiences offered by PUBG can’t be matched by other games online. Despite copycats, PUBG has continued to be most players’ preference, making it rank high among the most played games of all time.

3. DOTA 2

Despite being in existence for nearly a decade, DOTA2 is still a great player preference. In fact, the number of those playing it keeps rising rapidly.

4. Destiny ii

If everything is to go by the numbers, then Destiny is still headed for greatness in the gaming genre. Those playing it are fascinated by its amazing features, thus playing it as frequently as they can.

5. Star Wars

Its emergence in November 2019 left the gaming industry with a storm. It’s a game that fits in PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows. It takes place in a unique environment – Star Wars wall. It’s also one of those most played games in 2020.

6. Kingdom Hearts iii

Having been released in November just like Star Wars, it’s also rocking the game genre. Online gamers love it, and they can’t wish to miss it either on their pc or mobile.

7. Mario Kart 8 deluxe

Among the kart racing games, it emerges a favourite for almost every online gamer. It offers an amazing experience to both new and experienced players. You won’t regret taking the time to enjoy the game with your friends or alone.

8. Roblox

It was released in 2006, and by 2019, the game had more than 100 million users. That signifies how popular the game is to the players. It offers the players the chance to create their unique virtual worlds when playing the game.

9. Marvels spider-man X

Spiderman is a common phrase that many dates back to their childhood days. Of course, Marvel’s spider-man x is still an amazing game and played by many.

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 10. Fortnite

Fortnite is constantly shaking the gaming genre. It keeps remodeling to fit the players’ needs and also offers them a new experience. It’s a game no player regrets playing. It’s also one of the most played games in the world.

Why online games?

Here are some of the reasons why playing online games is important for you:

They will keep your mind active

It’s undeniable that we human beings go through some stressful moments in our life. We try going to physical exercise places in an attempt to forget them, but things may still not work out.

However, trying online games may bring new relief to you. They will ease the tension in your brain and make you feel relaxed again. That’s how magical online games can be to you.

Improves decision-making capabilities

When playing online games, you will be required to make quick decisions according to the prompts. As you play continuously, your decision-making speed increases, thus increasing your accuracy level.

Fortunately, if you play the games frequently, you will have a reduced response time compared to a non-gamer. That is advantageous because it will allow you to make accurate decisions in almost every challenging situation that presents itself before you.

Improves your ability to multitask

The ability to handle many tasks at a time is essential when tackling a lot of things. It promotes fast task completion and also allows you to complete other underlying tasks. But how can you make that possible?

With frequent gaming, solving tasks at a go cannot be a problem for you anymore. Also, your reaction time when you switch to another task will tremendously decrease compared to a non-gamer.

Above are the most playable online games at the moment. Do you think there is one we may have missed out on? Feel free to be part of the conversation.