4 Essential Tips for Creating a Secure Password in 2021

creating a secure password

Despite countless warnings that people should use secure passwords, the famous “123456” is still the password for around 23.2 million accounts. Also high on the list of most commonly used passwords include qwerty, password, and abc123.

If your password is one of these, it’s time to upgrade your online security.

Keep reading to learn what steps you should take when creating a secure password in 2021.

1. Never Use the Same Password for Separate Websites

One of the best password creating tips is to use unique passwords for every separate website.

It’s very convenient to have the same standard password for every website you use. But, that also makes it convenient for hackers to access every online account you have with just one piece of information.

Instead, aim to use a unique password for each website you access. Even if the only difference is a number or special character added to the end of your traditional password, it will add a layer of protection.

2. Use Special Characters, Upper and Lowercase Letters

Wondering how to create a good password? There’s a reason why many websites require you to use special characters along with upper and lowercase letters.

By adding in these things, you create even more variations for your potential password. For example, “AbC1!2@3#” would be much harder to hack than the traditional “abc123”.

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You can also get creative and use special characters and numbers in the place of letters. Instead of “a” use “@” or use “3” instead of “E”.

3. String Together Multiple Words

Another way how to create a secure password is to string together multiple words instead of just using one word for your password. Many people use easy to guess words for their passwords, such as their favorite pet or mother’s maiden name.

Instead, create your passwords similar to the way you’d create a Madlib word game. Combine a noun, a verb, and an adjective together to create a password that’s harder to guess. A secure password may look like, “Cl0ckSw1mminG@angRy”.

4. Use Tech to Protect and Store Your Passwords

When it comes to password security tips, you also want to take measures to protect your passwords once they are already made.

Since you’re using unique passwords for every website, consider using a password management tool. These keep all your passwords and usernames in a central location. The information is encrypted, so it’s safe from potential cybercrimes.

Also, consider using a fraud alert service. You’ll receive an alert when your identity is used online and if your username and password are entered on a different device. Read more about weprotectid.uk to learn how this works.

Make Creating a Secure Password a Priority

After reading this article, it’s time to get busy creating a secure password for all your frequently used websites.

Make sure that you use a unique password that contains special characters and a mixture of upper and lowercase letters for each website. You can also mix together several smaller words in a random sequence to create a more secure password. Then, use technology like password management tools and fraud alert services to further protect yourself.

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Looking for more ways to stay safe while online in 2021? Head to the Internet section of this site for all the best advice.