TOP 7 Documents Management Software on Windows – Students Choice

Going paperless has made our lives a lot better. But that has not necessarily improved organizational skills. It has become almost essential to get the myriad of documents on your desktop sorted out. There are all kinds of documents, including notes, letters, reports, articles all need to specific places to be reached quickly.

College is one of the most hectic phases of life itself. The workload is just the start, and with high competition to get good essay writing service reviews, one has to be on top extracurricular and then some to actually enjoy college life. After looking up for reviews on essay writing services online and getting enough help to finish the assignments by the deadline, the last you would want to do is search the entire PC to know where you saved the file.

Document management software aims at creating storage options and organize documents, to help people focus on the tasks at hand. it also includes backup options and encryption for security. For students, such software is imperative to increase productivity and be efficient about the work.

 So here are the best Documents Management Software (DMS) available in the market for students.

1#. Microsoft Sharepoint Online

The Microsoft office suit has always been the best friend of students. From typing up in the word processor to set up the first presentation, Microsoft has been helpful for the student community. The Sharepoint Online focuses on collaboration with seamless third-party integrations. You can get this with or without the Microsoft Office 365. Though it is a little pricey, it is one of the best platforms in the market today as a DMS.

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 2#. eFileCabinet

This leading DMS is built to help with storage, retrieval, and sharing of all documents. eFileCabinet is one of the top choices for offices that comes integrated with accounting, management tools, and a Secure Drawer function. The software comes in two variations, one for the Windows version and the mobile version specifically designed to increase the mobility. One can also integrate it well with printer test page , scanners, for eSignature, etc.

3#. Adobe Document Cloud

The Adobe Document Cloud is well versed with PDF file management system along with document exports and form entry, all that is necessary for students. Though the support is limited for other file types besides PDF, it is one of the best efficient DMS for students that is devoid of unnecessary features that do not concern them. Plus, mobile support is also beneficial.

4#. Google Drive for Work

For students, the famous Google Drive alone is a fully efficient DMs. But if you are looking to notch it up a bit, there is Google Drive for Work without storage restrictions highlight the collaborative features. It is also a great option to work offline and has excellent document management capabilities. The perfect integration with all Google and non-Google solutions only make it even more appealing.

5#. Zoho Docs

 Zoho focuses on delivering a simple platform to create, share and store documents. You can use it to save not just documents but also sort out music, videos, and images. It is much convenient to collaborate and share files with others. Zoho Docs is available with a free version up till 5 GB storage. You can also sync it with Windows, Mac, Cloud and vice versa without having to switch between storage platforms, online and offline. The organization is also on point with options of folders, categorized under the project, file type, author and more.

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6#. Evernote Business

 Accessible over multiple devices, Evernote allows you to gather all documents you need just at your fingertips. WIth file format support for notes, notebooks, images and even audio, Evernote has everything students need to organize. You can use the Spaces feature to collaborate with others and instantly sync any new notes. Available in Free and Premium versions and across PC and mobile, now you can work faster and not worry about losing an important paper.

7#. Dropbox Business

 Dropbox comes in a simple version with only the necessary elements and the business version with all the administrative tools too. It is compatible with over 300,000 other apps to extend many other features. It is easier to transfer responsibilities between collaborators, create documents with Dropbox paper and comes with a recovery option too.

In line with SharePoint Online, SharePoint 2019 includes new user experience enhancements that were lacking in previous versions. You can get this as an add-on with any Office 365 plan including Enterprise E5, E3 or without Office 365 powered by one of the leading provider of Desktop as a service – Apps4Rent.

Document Management software focuses on efficiency and integration. Not every format works for everyone. Try using these tools and go with the one that suits your needs the most.