Everything You Need to Know About Block Puzzle?

About Block Puzzle

The online gaming community has grown so much over the years. In the same way, you can watch or play a football game with friends and have quality time; you can also play a mind-challenging game like block puzzles and still have a great time. Taking part in a block puzzle game with your friends can be one of the most memorable moments that will be hard to forget. But what is it?

What is it?

A block puzzle is a type of puzzle game that is fun and soothing. This game is referred to by several names, such as a sliding tile puzzle game, a sliding block puzzle game, or the sliding puzzle game. In a block puzzle game, you need to drag (habitually flat) pieces of the block(s) along a specific path (generally onboard) to achieve the end layout. Promotion to the next level depends on successful attempts at the previous level. You can go as high as you can. 

Does a Block Puzzle have rules?

Regarding whether a block puzzle game has rules, the answer is yes. A few rules are attached to a block puzzle game to make it more unique and exciting.

  1. Use logic to solve the block puzzle, mainly because the number of blocks will increase simultaneously.
  2. The blocks need to be dragged and dropped along a particular path on your board to get the end design.
  3. All the blocks must fit in the shaded area at the center of the screen.
  4. Watch out for your pre-set solving speed because if you run out of time, you will not have a chance to place all the blocks at their correct places
  5.  completely.
  6. The levels increase as well as the number of blocks. The possibility of their arrangements changes too.
  7. You cannot rotate the blocks.
  8. The game will wind up once there is no more room on the board for a particular block to fit.
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Keys –

The word ‘key’ in this refers to the bonus reflected by the progress bar to unlock privileges later in the game.

The objective-

Every player desires to complete the first level and get a promotion to the next and the next. In this, you need to form lines vertically and horizontally by use of the block pieces as you avoid the obstacles to succeed.

Note: Each time a line is successfully formed, the available blocks within a row or column vanish. 

Final Remarks

Puzzle games are more exciting and challenging at each level. Are you a lover of working with Tetris and logic? Well, a sliding block puzzle game is a good choice. Block puzzles will test your logical thinking your concentration level. The most important benefit is that this game is not only going to build you mentally but also physically and socially. Do not look further for a more fun way to chill with your friends. Play a block puzzle game and create lasting memories.