CBD Wax: Meaning, Uses, and Benefits


In this write-up, we’ll discuss an all-new and highly effective method to take CBD. A user should pick CBD products based on his/her preference and needs. Dabbing might turn out to be the perfect way to use CBD for you. Dabbing CBDwax is one of the fastest ways to feel CBD’s effects. Read through the section below to know more about the use of CBD Wax or cannabidiol wax and its effects. 

CBD Wax: An Introduction 

You must know what wax is. It’s the substance candles are made of. However, that regular wax has little similarity with the wax we’ll discuss on this page. CBD wax is basically CBD oil available in a more crystallized and opaque form compared to the standard hemp oil we use. Hemp oil is primarily used to prepare products meant for oral consumption, for instance, legal lean, capsules, gummies, etc. The wax, on the other hand, is typically meant for topical application. 

Top manufacturers use the CO2 extraction method to make this wax. This allows them to come up with CBD wax of the highest quality. 

Experts often categorize CO2 (carbon dioxide) as a tunable solvent. To put it more bluntly, change of pressure and temperature allows CO2 to create various kinds of end products from a single active ingredient. 

Types of CBD Wax

Products are usually never listed as CBD Wax. Manufacturers typically market them as budder, crumble, live resin, and shatter. These are the various subcategories of CBD wax. Read on to know more about these subcategories. 

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Budder: This form of wax requires the application of the maximum amount of pressure and extremely high temperature. These factors result in the production of a more waxy and fluffier mix. Despite such extreme conditions, the potency of CBD remains the same. 

Live Resin: To prepare live resin, manufacturers use cryogenically frozen CBD buds instead of cured buds or dried trims. Freezing the buds enables better preservation of terpenes and cannabinoids. As the live resin contains more powerful active ingredients, they are usually more expensive.   

Crumble: During extraction of CBD crumbles, the manufacturers use pre-purged cannabidiol oil. This kind of CBD oil tends to be more viscous and usually contains more moisture. So, the end product you will get is much softer and crumbles easily. 

Shatter: Although most makers categorize shatter as a kind of CBD wax, its texture is not exactly like wax. Shatter doesn’t crystallize fully during the CO2 extraction process and typically boasts a flimsy and cloudy appearance. 

Benefits of CBD Wax 

Doctors recommend the use of CBD wax primarily due to the greater concentration of cannabidiol present in it. The higher concentration of the active ingredient makes the product more powerful and effective. 

Application of the wax on your painful joints will offer instant pain relief and will also reduce inflammation. If you have a stress headache, apply the wax around your neck and on your forehead and you will see the pain and discomfort go away in just a few minutes. 

You can also use the product to get rid of anxiety and depression. There are many instances where CBD wax has made life easier for patients with bipolar disorder. 

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Individuals with type 2 diabetes often develop a condition called diabetic neuropathy. One of the most common signs of diabetic neuropathy is a tingling sensation on the sole. The application of CBD wax can alleviate such sensations considerably. 


CBD wax is one of the most powerful forms of CBD. Use it if you want to get quick pain relief or see your depression symptoms go away. Make sure that the product you have bought is lab-tested and contains extracts of CBD produced in the United States.