Struggling with a low visitor count? Tune to these amazing tricks

Struggling low visitor count

While living in a world full of technologies and advancements, E-commerce appears to be a significant addition. It enables sellers and buyers to interact in just one click. E-commerce websites are portals that allow users to transfer funds and information through the internet without wasting any time or energy. Check out the article if you are struggling low visitor count.

Having a website and managing its traffic is the most crucial aspect of today’s fierce competition. Don’t expect that the people (buyers) will come automatically to your brand uninvited. It’s a scenario where you, the Seller/Marketer, need to attract people to your page using various ways and mediums.

Caution: there always exists a chance of overdoing and pushing away your clients or not doing anything at all and letting them slip away.

This piece of information below will go over some of the easiest yet amazing tricks to get your new online store to shine brighter than others. We’ll look at how to get people to visit your website and market your online store and outlet to make the most of all of your platforms.

  1. SEO Optimization

SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO can take your website to places, and you can quickly increase the number of users on your website. There are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Firstly, put yourself in the users’ shoes, and you will know how your target audience thinks, what they search for; in short, the overall demand. The on-page content can easily attract a good amount of audience. On-page content refers to the product titles, descriptions, images, and other related stuff. Along with all these essentials, keep monitoring the resulting website traffic by using authentic tools. Hence, you will be able to assess the progress.

Make sure that the on-page content uses language that the consumers prefer. Once the on-page content gets managed, you need to add Meta Descriptions and Meta Tags. Each page’s meta descriptions are summaries, whereas meta tags describe what the page is about shortly. When your website appears on a search engine, a viewer will see the meta descriptions and meta tags. SEO optimization can do wonders in bringing visitors.

  1. Make Social Media Pages & Boost Audience
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So here is a secret of some top-rated E-commerce websites/companies. Companies make social media accounts on Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc. We live in times where social media has a significant impact on our lives, and people believe in everything on these platforms. On your social media account, you need to provide people with what makes your brand different from others.

Now on these social media accounts, you need to provide the viewers with engaging content, including pictures and videos. By these accounts, you can attract some famous people, for example, bloggers and celebrities. Giving out PR packages and incentives to these famous people may lead to increased visitors to your website because word of mouth has a substantial impact. A picture advertisement containing information about your website’s product and details can work well for a start.

  1. Partnerships

To cross-promote, form alliances with other brands. Find a company with a similar target market but a different product. As a result, each business partner meets an entirely new and vital audience. For example, if your website is selling sports gear, partnering with a sports shoe brand can bring traffic to your website. The methods of partnering may vary, for example giving your product free with the purchase of your partner’s product or a discount on your product. Cross-promotion occurs in several ways, and you can manage at any point of the funnel.

Furthermore, partnering with brands for a cause can also be helpful because community service is an emotional part of our society.

  1. Email Marketing

Email marketing might sound an old-school way, but having a good email marketing strategy will increase your viewers’ count; believe it or not. Collect as many emails as possible. Through emails, you can easily send in various details to the customers, for example, your brand motto, offerings, deals or discounts, and whatnot. Most of the sites use pop-up boxes that require emails from the visitor. They offer the visitor a 5% discount for subscribing to their email services. Most of the time, e-commerce websites send emails saying, “last chance to avail discount.” This tactic enhances the sense of scarcity of a specific product. It ultimately gains people’s attraction and results in people coming to the website.

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Moreover, you should also make sure that you’re communicating with your email list regularly. Create a standard email schedule that includes promotions, new content, product launches, and other information that will entice customers to visit your website. Never underestimate the power of word of mouth.

  1. Build an Online Community

At times, people want to ask questions or speak about what is going on in their minds. Giving people a platform to increase communication and making your site a community can help gain traffic on your website. To establish such a network, you can use a third-party source or a robotic solution. Facebook can help for comments or other relevant discussions. Also, do not forget to manage your community to ensure a healthy number of visitors to your website.

Some conversation boosters are discounts, free shipping, influencers advertisements, etc.

E-commerce websites with low prices and more discounts always secure a golden place in consumers’ hearts. According to statistics and surveys, 73% of the buyer’s population think that free shipping is a paramount factor during their online purchases. These small benefits provide them with a sense of reliability and attachment to the brand.


So here are five tips and tricks to increase the visitor’s count. It can be intimidating to sell online for the first time or upgrade your online presence to become a critical retail channel. It’s more than possible if you take one step at a time. The key is to maintain consistency, patience and avoid being frustrated by taking on too much at once. Choose a few publicizing strategies from this list that you believe will yield your business’s best results. Then, when you begin to see results, adapt to the pattern and avoid abnormalities.