Why Live in a 1200 Sq Ft House?

Live 1200 Sq Ft House

Are you in the market for a house? While most people are impressed by huge homes, others prefer smaller spaces in an attempt to downsize. So here in this article let’s see why to live in a 1200 Sq Ft house

Residences of 1200 square feet have gained popularity in recent times owing to the low upkeep, lower expenses, more affordable customization, and closer relations between family members.

Most individuals refrain from building palatial homes in order to avoid large mortgages and costly bills. Downsizing has become a new residential trend, tempting people to make an investment in small houses instead of mansions.

Learn more about the reasons for living in a 1200 square feet home.

Less maintenance

House maintenance is a nightmare for the largest part of homeowners because of the time and budget necessary for the upkeep. It is no wonder spacious homes require more maintenance than smaller houses, given the bigger number of guest rooms and bathrooms. Therefore, homeowners are no strangers to frequent repairs and regular maintenance to prevent defects from taking place. Go to this page for the ultimate home maintenance checklist.

For instance, it often happens for a leak to appear in one of the bedrooms or a pipe to burst in the bathroom. In contrast, dwelling in a small house means coping with lower upkeep and spending less money on repairs. Therefore, 1200 square feet residences are believed to be less demanding regarding roof replacement, painting projects, flooring replacement, etc.

Lower expenses

Another aspect that makes 1200 square feet homes appealing to individuals is the affordability these provide in view of household expenses. The cost of electricity, cooling, heating, water bills, and taxes is substantially lower in small residences. A family having a home of 1200 sq. ft. would pay about $200 less for utility bills, unlike homeowners residing in a residence of 3000 square feet.

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Square footage is directly related to the monthly expenses of homeowners. The greater the footage, the higher the costs. Additionally, mortgage payments and insurance are lower for residents of small-sized homes. It is great knowing you won’t have to spend your entire monthly income on paying utility bills and other unavoidable monthly expenses.

Easier to clean

No homeowner looks forward to the chore of cleaning the entire house, which is why size matters in terms of reducing cleaning time. For example, a residence of 1200 square meters would approximately take three hours to clean, unlike homes of 3000 sq. ft. requiring a minimum of five hours to get the job done. Visit this link, to learn some tips for fast and efficient cleaning of a house.

There is nothing exciting in carrying a vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs or dusting a large number of objects. The smaller the home, the fewer items you can fit in the limited space. Consequently, you will not waste hours dusting a myriad of objects you do not even use. In fact, owners of small-sized houses are less susceptible to clutter, as they have no spare room for storing belongings they do not need.

Closer relationships between family members

Even though privacy is of significant value for most individuals, smaller houses have a tendency to bring family members closer. When having to share a small living space with multiple residents, there is no other alternative but to learn to function normally without having problems on a daily basis.

Since most household residents enjoy spending time in the living room, it’s an opportunity for them to bond with each other by doing family activities together. Some families love organizing movie marathons with plenty of popcorn, while others adore playing games such as scrabble, cards, or monopole. Instead of doing things individually, family members in small residences do most activities and chores in pairs or as a team.

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Easy to customize

Easy to customize

After building a house, there is still plenty of work to be done in order to decorate it to your preferences. A floor plan is necessary for you to visualize the indoor area with all the furniture, colors, and items you planned as part of the décor. There are numerous house plans online in the form of dwelling units or guest houses. These can be easily customized with no reason to splurge plenty of money on decorating the place.

Moreover, small houses are easier to personalize as opposed to spacious homes, which generally seem impersonal. Many homeowners of big residences leave most of the walls bare due to financial constraints. Hence, homes of 1200 square feet are always cozier and more inviting in the eyes of visitors. Upgrades are less pricey, which increases the chances of decorating the residence in the way you have always dreamed of.

Final thoughts

Small houses are cozy, hospitable, easy to maintain.

Why spend a fortune on building a mansion if a small-sized home is all you need!