Netflix vs Amazon Prime: The Battle of Web Series and Fresh Content

netflix vs amazon prime

In the past couple of years, we have witnessed a sudden rise in the demand for various web-content. This is mainly due to the popularity of the two most anticipated online platforms for various online content. Here we are talking about the two most popular web platforms, Netflix and Amazon Prime. It has been said and we all can see that each of them is the biggest competitor for the other. This is why we will discuss some of the key factors of Netflix vs Amazon Prime in this article. Which one is a better platform for viewing online content?

We all know that the online contents available over Netflix as well as Amazon Prime are so intriguing that we can’t stop ourselves from binge-watching. In today’s date, online streaming is the cheapest and easiest way to stay connected with world entertainment. Yes, through these online platforms you can avail access to any web-content published here. Besides, you can access these online streaming platforms from your smartphone, laptop, PC and even smart TV.

Netflix vs Amazon Prime Price

The first thing which every viewer is concerned about is the pricing of the services offered by these platforms. A general usage plan is priced according to the facilities it provides. Netflix has an easy to understand usage plan which consists of 3 tiers. First, there is a basic plan which will cost you $9 a month. Second, there is the standard plan which will cost you $13 per month. Third and finally, there is a premium service plan which costs $16 per month. You can choose your preferred plan according to your will and enjoy their services.

The services offered by Netflix are pretty similar to all the plans it offers. These plans vary only in terms of the quality of the video and the number of devices you can stream these videos on. You can enjoy ad-free services of streaming the latest videos. Generally, the basic usage plan will offer you a 720p HD video quality for one device only. On the other hand, the standard plan offers a 1080p Full HD video quality with streaming of up to two devices at the same time. Finally, the premium plan will avail you with 4K video quality for 4 devices at the same time. Besides, the premium usage plan supports HDR and Dolby Atmos.

In the case of Amazon Prime vs Netflix USA, Amazon Prime offers an annual usage plan at just $119. This, in turn, will avail you with the entire latest video catalog. Moreover, the Amazon Prime membership also provides premium services for shopping and music services. Considerably, Netflix has better usage plans compared to Amazon Prime when it comes to the reasonability of pricing. If and when calculated the annual expense, it sums up to the same for Amazon Prime as well as Netflix.

Netflix and Amazon Prime Content Quality

In the case of content, both the online video streaming platforms deliver the best. On one hand, Netflix has a huge catalog of Hollywood movies, web-series, documentaries, TV shows, and specials. On the other hand, Amazon Prime is filled with regional content. Netflix has gathered up a large number of audience with the help of their original series like House of Cards, Stranger Things, etc. on the contrary, Amazon Prime is giving a great competition to Netflix with its original regional contents. If we talk about the quality of content then Netflix can easily beat Amazon Prime. On the contrary, it doesn’t mean that Netflix is the best source of content because HBO originals have surpassed all the levels of great content. One of the best examples is the HBO Original series Game of Thrones.

If you take a look at the trend of content delivered by Netflix, you’ll see that they have steadily reduced the number of original movies broadcasted. On the other hand, they have effectively increased and developed great content for TV shows. In the battle between Amazon Prime vs Netflix vs Hulu, you can expect that soon Hulu will start delivering amazing content due to the shortening of license availed to Netflix by Marvel, Disney, etc. if we compare the content library then Amazon Prime has a much larger library than Netflix. Amazon Prime is in the growth stage where it is developing itself for producing quality content. Even though it has a huge library of 12000 movies but lacks the quality of original content. This is where Netflix is a couple of steps ahead of Amazon Prime.

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Netflix vs Amazon Prime Device Support

Right after you are done discussing content, next in line comes the device support. Without device support, your monthly or annual subscription is just a waste. Now you might be wondering do you need to buy a suitable device to stream or your existing device is capable enough to do so. When it comes to compatibility, Amazon Prime is a great choice. It effectively supports devices such as:

  • Mac or PC
  • Apple TV
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Fire TV by Amazon and other Fire devices
  • PlayStation 3 and 4
  • Xbox 360
  • Xbox One
  • Nintendo Wii
  • Smart TV
  • Google Chromecast
  • Blu-ray Players
  • Chromecast Ultra

Taking Netflix under consideration, it does have a wide range of device support as Amazon Prime. To be precise it has better device support which includes the above as well as:

  • Windows Phone
  • Nintendo 3DS

Additional Perks

This is where Amazon Prime takes a lead in the battle. Netflix has a 3-tier subscription plan for all the users which allows them to stream as much content as they want to. Well, this is great but there isn’t any additional feature. On the contrary, Amazon Prime has some additional perks to offer to you. The Prime subscription not only allows you to steam all their content but also provides additional perks. These perks are:

  • Free access to Amazon Prime Music which is an ad-free service
  • When purchasing goods through Amazon Prime, the shipping charges are zero
  • Unlimited photo storage
  • Free access to the Kindle lending library of e-books
  • Variety of discounts at Whole Foods supermarkets owned by Amazon
  • Access to Amazon Pay and the reward facility when you pay through it

None of the above exists in the case of Netflix subscription and this is where Amazon Prime beats Netflix. If you are satisfied with online streaming only then Netflix is great for you but if you wish to have more than just online streaming then you must opt for Prime.

Netflix vs Amazon Prime vs Other Streaming Websites

In the US, there are other online streaming options apart from Netflix and Amazon Prime. You just need to search the internet to stream latest music videos, TV series and movies on these websites. Generally, these websites are not as popular as Amazon Prime videos or Netflix but these websites are a good competition for them. Here is a list of 6 similar websites as Netflix or Amazon Prime.

1. Crackle

The first website on this list is Crackle. This US based online streaming website is the best site to browse the latest movies and watch them. The website is owned by Sony Pictures which allows them to offer hundreds of full length movies for free. You get to enjoy HD quality movies for free through this website. This, in turn, makes it a great competitor for Amazon Prim vs Netflix USA. Although there is one drawback when you stream movies on this website, which is commercials.

Yes, there are a set of commercials which plays in-between the movie at regular intervals. Though the commercials are short but it is irritating when a full length movie is interrupted by commercials. Crackle offers some great free movies to watch which include Hollow Man, Resident Evil series, Groundhog Day, St. Elmo’s Fire, Shutter Island, The Iceman, Boogeyman, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, The Devil’s Own, Zodiac, Taxi, etc.

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2. Tubi

A good competitor of Amazon prime vs Netflix vs Hulu is Tubi. It is a great option for streaming TV series and movies for free. Besides, there are some movies which you cannot watch for free but you have to rent it. Tubi offers multiple genres to select from and that is what makes it a great competitor. Using it as a substitute website for Netflix or Amazon Prime can be beneficial for you. The most appreciated genres in Tubi are comedy, romance, horror, documentary, drama and kids.

Some of the most popular streams at Tubi are Grindhouse, Best of British, Wild Things, After Hours and Women First. The movies available in Tubi are listed under New Releases, Trending, Featured, Indie Films, Movie Night, Not on Netflix and Highly Rated on Rotten Tomatoes. You can stream movies like Let Go, The Nut Job, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series, Megamind, Annabelle Creation, Bear, Traded, Rage, Mother’s Day, Christmas Twisters, A Princess for Christmas, Escape Plan, etc.

3. Popcornflix

Another great online streaming option is Popcornflix. It is currently a tough competitor in the Netflix vs Amazon Prime vs Popcornflix game. This online streaming website keeps on adding all the latest movies and new releases to their different genres. The different genres of Popcornflix include comedy, romance, drama, action, family, horror, foreign movies and documentaries. A total of 1500+ movies are available on this website to watch. Apart from this, you can also stream Popcornflix Originals. The best part of this online streaming website is that you don’t need to create an account. You just need to open the website and start streaming videos and movies for free.

4. YouTube

One of the most loved and widely appreciated online streaming website is YouTube. It is currently the hub of all music videos, short films, movies, trailers, etc. You can watch as well as upload videos on YouTube for free. Although there is one premium option available for YouTube which removes all the commercials while streaming. You can access new movies, movie trailers, music videos, standup comedy videos and much more on YouTube. Besides, YouTube allows you to access all these media for free. If you feel like Netflix vs Amazon Prime is a tough choice for you then you can stream TV series and movies on Youtube as well.

5. IMDb

IMDb is a very popular website known for publishing and streaming latest movies. Besides, it also helps you learn about the movie by checking the IMDb ratings as well. Generally, IMDB ratings help you known whether the movie is worth a watch or not. You need to subscribe to IMDb to get access to all the movies and videos available in it. Alternatively, there are some free movies and videos on IMDb which you can watch. IMDb offers full customization while watching anything on the website. This includes changing video quality, adding or removing subtitles, changing screen size, etc.

6. Pluto TV

This is not only an online streaming website but a live TV too. Yes, Pluto TV allows you to stream on-demand movies from a given list but also allows you to live stream TV shows. The Pluto TV website helps you watch latest movies as well as TV show when they are available. You can also download the app if you wish to watch it on your smartphone or laptop. The Netflix vs Amazon Prime vs Pluto TV streaming game is pretty intense in the US. This, in turn, keeps the users engaged to various web-series, originals and movies. Moreover, this pushes the creators to develop their content quality too.

The Pluto TV app is available for both iOS and android smartphones which you can access from the app store. You get to stream movies, music videos, cartoons, documentaries, live TV shows, news, TV channels, web series and much more. The interesting part is that some of these contents are available for free as well.

Netflix vs Amazon Prime Conclusion

To conclude, both Netflix and Amazon Prime have their pros and cons. It depends on the viewer what he or she wants and how much they can pay for the service. You can get access to both Prime and Netflix in your device and test it by yourself.