Advantages of Integrating your CRM with HubSpot


Every time you hear about the great achievements of HubSpot, you get impatient to bring your marketing department on board. But, before you start to vet the full functionality of HubSpot, it is important to analyze all the available tools and also understand the advantages which it will bring to your company once you integrate your CRM with HubSpot.

The integration of CRM with HubSpot can be done in several ways. But, if you have a steady relationship with HubSpot integration experts, then you can have a custom integration created to meet your marketing and sales needs. Some of the benefits of integrating your CRM with HubSpot are given below:

  • Customize user experience for every client

CRM and HubSpot integration allows you to customize the user experience for every contact because it has the capability to use user preferences, web history, and interactions in your interactions. You can collect more info about your visitors for instance:

  • How many visitors visited your site
  • Most frequently visited pages
  • Most frequently downloaded content
  • Time spent by visitors 

Integrating this info from HubSpot with your CRM provides your team with a better understanding of how to strengthen your sales and convert leads to sales.

  • Nourishes lead and create strong relationships

An integration helps in nurturing leads and creating a strong relationships and increasing sales. Lead nourishment is effective, simple and efficient when your HubSpot and CRM automatically permit you to retain the interest of the lead till they are ready to purchase.

  • Educate leads and help them make the right buying decision
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Once the leads are nurtured well, then it is time to meet their needs. Educate the leads about your products so that they get confident about buying them. Nurtured leads make more purchases in comparison to non-nurtured leads. 

  • Automates prioritization

The integration helps in guiding the leads all through their purchase journey. It also guides your sales teams about when the leads are hot and ready to purchase. The activities which tell the sales team that leads are hot include the time spent on the website, engagement with the content and number of links clicked.

  • Enhances efficiency of communication

Pairing HubSpot with CRM enhances your communication efficiency by sending the correct info at the right time to the right people. Automation of communication offers well-timed, right info to the leads which works in the favor of the company.

  • Saves time by shortening the sales cycle

With more stuff to help in decision making, you can easily take buy decisions. It helps in converting the leads to sales. HubSpot CRM pairing helps in effectively handling and ranking leads and offering them to sales when they are ready to make the sale.

No matter you aim to integrate your present CRM with HubSpot or you wish to move your contacts, both will increase the efficiency and results of your sales. If you want integration help, then meet the HubSpot integration experts at Eventide. They will give you the best possible guidance for your venture.