Maintenance tips for your commercial property and landscape!

Maintenance tips commercial property

Commercial properties of various sizes and types have one common factor- the requirement for regular maintenance. It is important to spend time doing constant checks of the property. For example, if you notice any minor issue, you can immediately check and prevent it from turning into a mature emergency. We have shared tips about what to include in the regular commercial ground maintenance services in Delaware that can save thousands of dollars in repairs. 

Seasonal planting changes:

Container plantings and flower beds require refreshing though they are growing and blooming well. It is recommended to change the patterns and flower types to enhance the landscaping appearance and keep it pleasant and updated. 

If you are not aiming for Wild English looks, you have to change the plants occasionally, maintaining the bedding crisp and clean. 

Fall and spring cleanup:

While performing commercial grounds maintenance in Delaware during Spring or Fall, it is common to notice the leaves dropping from trees. As seasonal changes are common, it is recommended to schedule commercial grounds maintenance and cleanup twice a year. If you have hired a permanent landscaper, they would perform deep cleaning, eliminate debris such as fading plants and dead leaves, and prepare the commercial landscape for forthcoming cool weather and regeneration the spring delivers. 

Bush and tree trimming:

Bushes and trees do not have to be trimmed at every lawn moving. However, you should perform regular pruning to maintain their shape. This way, the fronds and branches do not become a hazard. Remember, pruning keep the trees healthy and growing properly and in a visually pleasing manner. 

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Irrigation maintenance:

 When it comes to commercial planters and lawn, sprinklers play an important part. Ensure sufficient water reaches the appropriate areas. The sprinklers have to be maintained and inspected constantly, and thus, you can utilize them at full efficiency. 

Hardscape maintenance:

It is common for all commercial owners to spend money and time on creating safe and inviting pathways. Ensure it is well maintained and cleaned periodically. Also, schedule regular upkeep of loose concrete, bricks or raised pavers. 

Evaluate the plumbing before it shots into an issue:

If you have exposed water pipes, they must be evaluated annually  by a commercial plumbing company in Cincinnati for proper insulation and leaks, mainly before the start of freezing winter. If you think they are exposed, you can wrap them. Along with expensive plumbing repairs, damaged pipes can affect the landscaping and foundation and contribute to rot and mold. 

Check your roof:

It is well known that weather conditions like high winds and hail, and frequent thunderstorms can damage the roof. It is recommended to schedule roof inspection monthly as well as after any main weather event with Northern Kentucky Roofing.. This way, you can catch minor problems before they turn into major issues. 

While doing an internal roof inspection, you need to check the ceilings and attic for rot, stains, leaks, or daylight problems. On the outside, you have to evaluate entire vents and ensure they are fit, search for marks of standing water. Also, see whether HVAC pipes and hoses demonstrate gaps in their links when entering the building. Ensure the shingles are firmly fixed, not torn or chipped in any form and maintain their outer treatment and coating. Also, evaluate for clogged gutters that have chances to result in overflows that affect your landscaping, paint and roof. 

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Check the windows and doors:

One of the main reasons for heating and cooling energy loss is air leaks. It mostly happens in Summer. It happens when cold air within leaks through crevices, cracks or have failed seals. A thorough inspection of weather inspection and caulking is an easy preventative method that aids in saving your energy bills. Perform a virtual inspection of your places as various building materials interconnect where you can determine air leakages. Door frames and windows are the main culprits. If the daylight seeps or rattles around them, they need replacement, weather stripping or caulking. 

Do not forget the foundation:

Check the external foundation of the property for obvious cracks. Also, cracks between bricks, separate between adjacent walls, and cracks in the cement indicate an issue. If you notice doors and windows not functioning properly, irregularities in the flooring like warping, sloping or cracks or cracks where ceilings and walls meet, you have to see for the issues in the foundation. 

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