Indoor air quality checking: Tips to improve measure and test!

Indoor air quality checking

Indoor air quality checking is about accomplishing a healthy indoor environment. In simple words, it is the method of improving air quality. Are you wondering what is good air quality? Through professional indoor air quality testing Jacksonville, FL it is possible to see the following results.

  • Contaminants are controlled
  • Comfortable humidity and temperature levels
  • Sufficient ventilation (the distribution and introduction of clean air)

Ventilation is very important when it comes to maintaining indoor air quality in Jacksonville, FL. As per EPA, ventilation is the amalgamation of processes that end in the removal and supply of air from within the construction. The processes consist of transporting in outside air, breaking in and combining it with interior air, distributing the air all through the office block and moving minor part of the interior air outside. When one or several processes fail to perform, it directly affects the quality of indoor air. 

Most commercial establishments utilize mechanical ventilation like ductwork and fans, which are important parts of the HVAC and heating systems. Some establishments use natural aeration by opening windows or doors. 

What are the major contaminants to control?

Most pollutants that affect indoor air quality begin from sources within the building, and some develop from the outdoors. Some of the common pollutants are as follows:

  • PM or Particulate Matter: 

It is found both outside and inside. Particular Matter is the combination of liquid droplets and solid particles adjourned in the air like soot, pollen, smoke and dust. They are usually seen in different sizes. However, you have to give high importance to the smallest that is the particulates that measure 10 micrometres or smaller. Are you wondering why? As they are tiny in size, they are easily inhaled. Also, the breathing of the PM has chances to affect the lungs and heart. Outdoor particulate matter produced by construction or the sweltering of fossil fuels would enter into constructions through mechanical and natural ventilation. It can be produced indoors through cigarette smoking, fireplaces and other activities. 

  • CO or Carbon monoxide:
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It is impossible to see, taste or smell carbon monoxide. At moderate and low concentrate, CO can cause impaired vision, chest pain or fatigue. It can be fatal at high concentrations. Some of the main sources of CO are poorly maintained furnaces or boilers, generators, automobile exhaust from close by idling vehicles, etc. 

VOCs or Volatile organic compounds:

VOCs are the major contributors to poor indoor quality and they are dangerous for both outdoors and indoors. These organic chemicals are emitted as fumes from processes or products. So, mostly, there are chances to smell their presence. Some of the main sources of volatile organic compounds include things such as air fresheners, cleaning agents, dehumidifiers, air fresheners and more.  In the same way, the sources of volatile organic compounds pollution from outside include the presence of volatile chemicals in the contaminated groundwater that is dragged inside during water utilization. 

Some of the other important pollutants you should consider are:

  • Methane
  • Nitrogen dioxide
  • Carbon dioxide
  • Radon

How to monitor indoor air quality in Jacksonville, FL?

Indoor air quality devices

Sensors or devices are utilized to determine certain kind of involvement in the physical setting like temperature, motion, light, etc. It transfers the data into the signal and that can be transmitted and measured electronically. Indoor air quality device aids in determining the existence of the particular pollutant. Remember, several kinds of sensors measure various things. Unconventional technology has reduced the expenses of indoor air quality testing by less expensive, smaller sensors. The users have to settle them strategically all over the building to create reliable results. Some of the important classifications for sensor calculating are as follows:

  • Radon
  • Formaldehyde
  • Humidity
  • VOCs
  • Particulate matter
  • Carbon monoxide
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Sensors help measure bioaerosols, methane and more, according to your particular activities and concerns happening within the building. 

Do you wish to test the indoor air quality of your Jacksonville, FL building? Well, the Envirovac team is ready to assist you in all possible ways. To know how indoor air quality testing works for your residence or business, talk with the experts.