How to Transcribe Your Audio Quickly and Efficiently

How to Transcribe Your Audio Quickly and Efficiently

Audio to text transcription is a process of transferring spoken words from an audio file into a written, text document format. It can be done by anyone with varying efficiency. Transcription is a fairly difficult task that consists of a lot of pausing/rewinding the audio and correcting the mistakes afterwards.

Services offering manual transcription will outsource your file to numerous different transcriptionists for a certain price. With technology constantly progressing, a quicker and efficient way has become available in the form of audio to text converter online.

Choosing a Proper Service Keeping some things in mind can aid you in choosing the best service for you. The quality of a service depends on its price compared to how accurate the end result is but make sure it is always an affordable transcription


Check how high of an accuracy the service claims to provide. The minimum accepted norm is about 99%. If they are advertising higher than that, look for some proofs and see how their processes for quality control work.


Even though you might be tempted to go for the cheapest service, it’s not likely that they will be able to provide high-quality work. Those services most often outsource their work to non-native speakers that work for extremely low salary. Compare the fees, calculate out the average and aim for that region.


To prevent your valuable information from getting leaked, it’s important for a transcription company to have a signed confidentiality agreement with all of its workers. Always contact the services beforehand if you have any additional questions regarding the safety of your information.

Rev Transcription Service

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Rev is a US based company that can transcribe audio to text for you at a price of just $1 per audio minute. For added time-stamps or full verbatim transcripts the added fee is $0.25. They claim to provide utmost accuracy and the delivery times are usually a couple of hours. Allegedly, the workers only use secure tools for confidentiality.

Their transcriptionists go through rigorous testing before being approved for work. Depending on your satisfaction, there is a feedback system where you can leave a rating for the person that worked on your file.   You are able to add any additional notes that may be helpful when submitting your files. After the transcription is done, you can review and edit any possible errors without resubmitting the recording.

Although they declare 99% accuracy, numerous clients have complained of various grammatical errors and at many occasions unreliable transcriptions. This might be caused by extremely low pay and dissatisfaction among workers.

Scribie Transcription Service

Unlike Rev, Scribie offers both automated and manual transcription services. They assert top security of your files. While automated transcription is only $0.10 per audio minute, accuracy can fluctuate to anywhere between 80-95%. For manual transcription, they claim accuracy of 99%.

The automated service doesn’t offer proper formatting since it can’t recognize multiple speakers. It only has a 30 minute turn around. Also, if the speaker has a specific/foreign accent, the accuracy can drop all the way to 80%.   If you resort to manual transcription, price per audio minute jumps to $0.80. However, this is only for the files with American speakers.

If the audio contains accented speakers, noisy or poor audio you’re going to have to pay the additional fee of $0.50 which can add up to over $3 per audio minute. There’s also the same problem as with Rev, with unreliable accuracy and unsatisfied workers.

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Audext – A Solution to the Problems

Audext has the ability to convert audio file to text automatically with the use of AI in a matter of minutes. It is able to provide speaker recognition through complex algorithms so you won’t have to go through the effort of adding them manually.   All the files are kept in a secure database until they are transcripted. Multiple format support ensures its versatility no matter what device was used to record the audio.

The whole app is completely web-based. After the conversion is done, you can easily review the result. If needed, you are able to modify the audio playback speed and edit the file accordingly.  It offers a free 30-minute trial without requiring a credit card so that you can confirm the accuracy of the service.

After that, there are numerous pricing plans, either per hour or on a monthly basis. Whatever you choose, every feature is immediately available to you without any hidden fees. Whether you need a long term plan or just a one-time conversion, there’s surely an appropriate option for you.

No matter if you’re a student, journalist or have your own podcast, audio to text coverter online Audext has the best money-to-accuracy ratio available. Save on time and get it done efficiently. With our free trial, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.