11 Best Chrome Extensions to Increase Your Productivity

11 Best Chrome Extensions to Increase Your Productivity

Google Chrome is the primary web browser that has replaced Internet Explorer, Safari, Mozilla FireFox and all other browsers. Chrome is so popular that no browser can ever overtake it. And for those of you, whose work is majorly done using the browser; there are some extensions to help you. Now, what are extensions? Small software programs which allow you to customize your browsing experience are extensions. And there are many extensions available to choose from. To make your task of selecting the most useful extensions easy for you, here is the list citing the best Chrome extensions.

  1. CrxMouse Gestures

This extension will let you to use mouse gestures that will help you with web navigation. There are mouse shortcuts for closing and opening new tabs, going back and forth your tab history, and for copying texts and links. This will speed up the process of web navigation and save you from the exhausting process of changing tabs if your work involves a lot of it.

  2. Print-friendly & PDF

If you are concerned about navigation buttons, ads and other web content covering your page when you want to print it, consider using Print friendly & PDF extension. This will not only eliminate such extra data but also allows you to adjust text size and selectively remove images. The extension lets you e-mail the page photo or save it in a linked PDF with the URL.

  3. AdBlocker Ultimate

It is one of the best Chrome extensions which blocks ads, videos, pop ups along with blocking several online tracking tools. And most of these ads are irrelevant and annoying as they cover up almost half of the page sometimes.

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However, if some ads are relevant to you, you can select the flashing of only those ads.

Enjoy an irrelevant ad-free browsing by using this extension.

  4. Google Dictionary

11 Best Chrome Extensions to Increase Your Productivity

While reading an article, you often come across unfamiliar words. And opening a new tab for searching its meaning is a hassle. This extension lets you search any word’s meaning.

All you have to do is just double click on the word whose meaning you want to find. A pop-up will flash with a detailed definition. Or you can click on its icon and type the word if you like.

This extension is amongst best Chrome extensions for writers who look for definitions frequently.

  5. Grammarly

The extension will make your writing error free. We often tend to miss grammatical errors or minute spelling mistakes while typing. Some of us even use overused words or a same word multiple times in the same passage. This extension will suggest alternative words, highlight grammatical errors and misspelled words. It becomes highly useful if you are a writer or post on web pages.

  6. Avast Online Security

This extension will examine every website you open containing suspicious elements. Sometimes, we often think whether or not to open a website and waste time over it.

If a website has bad reputation, Avast Online Security warns you.  There are thousands of website that steal your personal data and misuse it. You can also read and give ratings to the websites. This is one of the best Chrome extensions to ensure web safety while browsing.

   7. Evernote Web Clipper

11 Best Chrome Extensions to Increase Your Productivity

While surfing websites for content and data, you need easy and accessible software that lets you take notes digitally. Evernote is amongst the best Chrome extensions to mark and keep important things and is one of the most popular extensions. You can literally save anything from the internet such as highlights from an article, news, images, receipts, code snippets, etc. You can even go to your Evernote account to access a piece of information you clicked in the past.

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   8. Page Analytics

If you have a website and you want to know how your customers interact with your website, this extension is for you. It is one of the best Chrome extensions that lets you get into the mind your customer.

You can see what they click on, how often they bounce, what they don’t click, etc. By knowing these details, you will know what exactly your customers like. This will help you in optimizing your website.

   9. OneTab

The job of OneTab is to compress all of the open tabs into a single tab. When you are researching on a particular topic, you are bound to open several webpages for reference. And it is easy to get lost while surfing.

This extension lets you create a single tab for all the links. You just have to click on the tab and the links to other webpages will show. You can access those tabs anytime without worrying to find them. You can also share link to the tab with your coworkers to further share the information.

  10. Awesome Screenshot

The extension lets you take screenshot of the webpage or a selected part of the webpage.  You can crop, blur and highlight anything on the screenshot. This way, you will only save what is necessary.

   11. ToDoist

It is a project management tool. It lets you make a highly organized to-do list which is also visually appealing. You will never forget to do certain tasks again if you use this extension. You can even share the list with your colleagues. The extension lets you add tasks to your list and can be used on any device.

Using these extensions will ensure your web browsing becomes faster and more efficient. Although there are hundreds of other extension, the above-mentioned are the most popular and useful ones.

Happy browsing!