4 Types of Online Classes Ideal for Single Parents to Improve Life for Them & Their Children

If you think people are ever done learning, think again. While you will know your kids better than anyone else, that doesn’t mean that you are always doing your best for them. Sure, you’re doing the best with the tools and knowledge you have, but if you’re shuffling with an incomplete deck, you won’t get the results you’re looking for. That’s why it’s so important to be open to learning, especially after things change. You may have felt that you really aced the parenting gig while you two were still together, but now that you’re divorcing, your kids are acting out, and you can’t seem to do anything right. 

That’s where classes come into play. There are so many different types of classes and courses you can take today that are entirely online, meaning you can easily learn on your own time, no matter where you are located. These classes can help you be a better single parent and co parent to your kids, so consider enrolling today: 

One of the most important skills you will need to learn is how to co-parent with your ex. This can feel like an insurmountable mountain if they seriously hurt you in the lead-up to your divorce, but it needs to be done. You don’t have to like your co-workers to work well with your co-workers. The same applies to your ex. You two can take parallel parenting classes online to learn the skills you need to start devising a robust, healthy co-parenting approach that helps your kids feel supported, loved, and cared for every step of the way, no matter how old they are. 

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  • Parenting Classes 

Kids living in a home where they are seeing a divorce or the death of a parent firsthand can act out. They have massive feelings about these two traumatic experiences in their lives and likely won’t have the tools to process those emotions in a healthy way. When that happens (no matter the age), a person usually lashes out. They are angry and hurt and want everyone to know that and, most importantly, feel the same. It can be so hard to parent a kid going through this, so confident and assertive parenting is so important. There are also gentle parenting classes (which are more emotionally-intelligent parenting than permissive parenting) that you can look into. 

  • Budgeting Classes 

Finances and budgeting may not seem very parent-centered, but they’re critically important. If your child’s other parent isn’t in the picture at all, either because they passed away or have actively run away, you need to be on top of your finances. Knowing how to budget, manage your finances well, and even save are skills and knowledge that aren’t always common sense. That’s why taking these courses can be so instrumental – especially if you pass that knowledge on to your kids. 

  • Therapy 

Though not technically a course, you can now find a therapist online to work around your schedule. Many single parents need to give themselves the time and space to process their relationship, the scars they picked up along the way, and any anger or resentment they feel. This occurs after divorce and death. If you don’t have the emotional space for your kids, you will all suffer. Care for yourself so that you can take better care of your children in return.