Best iOS Apps for Landscape Photographers

Landscape photographers need the right tools to capture the perfect shot no matter where they are in the world. One of the reasons is that these guys invest a good amount of money and time traveling to locations within the country or some other location and wait for the perfect moment to capture a picture. 

For instance, if a landscape photographer has to capture a picture of the sun setting somewhere in the Middle Eastern desert, they must travel and wait for the right movement of the Sun so that he can be there on time to capture the sunset in the desert. Thanks to different iOS and Android apps, landscape photographers can now get accurate information about the movement of the stars, sun, and moon using their smartphones. Some of these outstanding apps are as follows.

meteoblue weather & maps

The app lets users get information related to weather and different changes taking place in a particular region. It shows high-precision forecasts using a simple, and easy-to-use app where you can get weather updates from almost anywhere in the world. This will help you capture breathtaking moments and scenes in natural settings comfortably and easily. You can also the app to plan your trip to the place where you want to perform landscape photography whenever you want to. 

Apart from that, the app offers a few unique features that let you get weather updates/forecasts from land or sea. Besides this, the app can let you know about the region you are in using the app’s Location Search feature which has a vast database of locations comprising over 6 million locations throughout the world. 

With this app in your arsenal, you can make your landscape photography trip fruitful for yourself and your team. Another cool feature of the app is that you can use this app even if you are offline and let the app save weather information until you get access to the internet. 

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Outdooractive: Hiking Trails 

You can use this app on your iPhone, AppleWatch, or iPad and make it your cycling, hiking guide, and companion for any other outdoor activity. It can help you find and plan the route you want to travel to almost any country and get accurate information using the latest vector maps. Apart from this, you can browse various hiking, ski touring, and cycling routes and get full details, pictures, directions, and elevation profiles about the place you want to visit. 

The app also makes it easier for you to add text and photos, plan and create routes based on your preferences, and get them published within the community. These details can also be shared with your friends and imported/exported as GPX files. Overall, this is a complete navigation app for recording your tracks and adding more fun to your landscape photography trips. 


This is one of the best apps for people who want to add a more creative touch to pictures of different sceneries, celestial bodies, and the Milky Way. This way, you can capture some scenic views and enhance them to make them more appealing to your audience. PhotoPills is one of the ideal apps that adds more life to your pictures and adds an artistic touch to your visual stories. 

The best thing about the app is that you can use it in any way you like to create more captivating images. For instance, you can use the app as a location scout, 2D Map-Centric Planner, Alignment Finder for the sun and the moon, etc.

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All you need to do is imagine the picture you want to capture, plan your shooting time and location, and get out there and shoot captivating moments in outdoor locations around the world. Download this app on your iOS devices using internet services offered by Hughesnet Internet.


If you get fascinated by mountains and exploring different mountain peaks, the app can make it possible for you. It lets you get information about mountains in almost any part of the world as a 360° panorama display. This means that you have information related to millions of peaks that vary from Mount Everest to little hills almost anywhere in the world. 

The app works offline and provides real-time renders of the locations within a range of around 300 km. The app also works as your handheld telescope if you are looking for mountain peaks that are less prominent due to weather conditions or distance. Besides this, the app has many other features that add more value and life to your landscape photography. 


Using the apps mentioned above, you can capture some unique pictures of the sun, moon, stars, mountains, and other places easily. Some of these apps provide updated weather conditions so that extreme and adverse conditions do not spoil the scene you want to capture for your portfolio. 

You can also learn using these apps on YouTube where different experts provide some valuable information about landscape photography and different apps you can use. For this, it is a good idea to use the affordable spectrum plans and get a seamless experience while watching your videos.