How to Target Country Specific Websites?

Bloggers commonly search for these as they would like to earn from Google Adsense, learning how to target specific countries crowd is a crucial factor for being successful online. Most bloggers prefer to generate content which would drive foreign traffic from countries around the world in order to earn more from Google Adsense. So here is how you can target country specific websites for traffic.

Some of the most commonly used tools to attract traffic from target countries are as follows:

1.By using Geotargeting tool in Google Webmasters

The geotargeting tool is one of the most effective tools to target a specific country. By using this tool, you can set the priority of the country from which you want to get traffic. It is simple to use to especially if you are familiar with Google Webmasters. All you need to do is log in to your account and go to your site dashboard from where you can decide which country you want the targeted traffic to come from.

2.By using Domain Extensions

A great way of getting traffic from a specific country is by using domain extensions. Since .com and .org extensions are most wanted extensions, they have to beat much competition as compared to the extensions which are specific to a country. In case you would like to rank in other specific foreign countries, it is recommended that you get the domain with the extension of that specific country and that will definitely be more beneficial than using .com and .org.

For example, if your focus is in India only then go for the .in extension and if you are targeting Australia go for .au which gets you better and faster results than .com and .org.

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If you are focusing on major countries, then it is better to use common extensions like .com & .org.

Another way of making sure you stick around in a particular country is by shifting your website onto a server of that country. This will have a positive impact on the targeted traffic you are looking for.

3.By creating content 

You can use your content to target a country by mentioning the countries in titles, Meta tags, and descriptions. By mentioning targeted countries in your keyword and in various parts of your article, you are making your content more specific and clearly defining the country and targeting their search engines too.

It is a must to learn the language of the country in order to increase traffic from countries with a different language than yours.

4.Using Backlinks 

Backlinks were initially used as a yardstick by Google which helped them in determining how popular a site really was. Over time there has been a lot of changes that have taken place, but Backlinks is still playing a significant role in Search Engine Optimization and can be used for targeting traffic. It is recommended to generate good quality Backlinks for your site by making your site niche and only for those countries websites from which you are planning to get traffic from.

 5.By submitting Website in Directories and Local Search Engines

There are Directories and search engines that are used locally in almost all major countries especially United States of America, United Kingdom, Canada and Australia. By Submitting your website to these local directories and search engines, you are increasing your chances of getting traffic from users of these local services. It is a must that you remember to submit your website to those directories which are related to your niche only, so as to avoid being blacklisted or thought of like an advertisement.

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6.Using Google Trends tool 

Using Google Trends is a big advantage as it is a very powerful tool that can help you see the traffic of a particular keyword in different countries. This will help you find specific keywords that are popular in the countries you are planning to focus on and including these keywords in your article will surely increase your chances of showing up search engines.

It is recommended that before you start writing an article, making a rough note of the keywords popular in the target country for your reference, deciding what you are going to write and selecting which country you would like to focus on will help you write an article that will attract more traffic.

7.Using Targeted Keyword as Title

The title will play a major role in generating targeted traffic from specific countries. Backlinks or article length is not the only thing that matters. Writing an attractive Title also plays a major role in attracting users to your website. By creating a good quality article, Google will rank your website on the first page itself even if you can’t persuade users to open your particular website. Therefore it is a must to create a strong title that would convince users to click on the link to your web page and to come up to your website. You can add Targeted keywords, emotional keywords, powerful keywords, common and uncommon keywords to your title 

Example: if your article is about the Economy of a country like India, then must mention the name of that country (India) as targeted keyword and add it to your title mentioning that country (India).

These are some things you can do to increase and generate targeted traffic to your website or blog for a specific country or a group of countries. Follow these, and you are sure to get popular!