How to promote and rank your website on Google?

How to promote and rank your website on Google?

If you have a website and you are looking for ideas on how you can promote it on the online platform, then just read this article and find some useful information on this subject. It will give you an idea about how you can get started with promoting your website. If you are already doing it, then you will learn how you can enhance the procedure of online promotion of your website.

Getting started and setting up the platform

Select a niche or subject: If you have to build a brand new website, or if you are planning to launch a website for commercial reasons, then the most important thing that you need to decide is its niche. The niche is the main topic on which website is based. If you are looking for the commercial success of a website, then it is very important that is based on a niche and it targets a particular category or subject. This subject will decide on the further proceedings and online promotion of the website and hence, the determination and defining the niche of a website is utmost important.  

Keyword research:

The next important step that is necessary to ensure that your website is ranked better in search engines is proper keyword research. You have to research and find out some sets of keywords that you have to target for rankings of your website. You can use different kinds of keyword research tools for this purpose. Once you have determined and finalized the keywords that are going to be targeted for the promotion of your website, you can then start promoting your websites through different methods.

It would be better to select long term tail keywords as it would be difficult to rank a website for competitive words. For example, if your website is based on games then it would be difficult for you to get top ranking in Google search results for keywords like online games. Therefore, you should concentrate on selecting long tail keywords like play game ABC online or something more specific and long-tailed. In this way, you would stand a better chance to get rankings in the first page results of Google and other search engines for that specific keyword.

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Article writing:

Article writing is one of the most popular and effective modes of promoting a website. It is also helpful in gaining traffic as well as better search engine ratings. The trick here is to select and target certain keywords that are not very competitive but they are searched enough. Pay attention to the long tail keywords and related keywords. An effective way to find out a collection of suitable keywords is to simply search a Keyword in Google and look at the ‘related results section’ at the bottom side of the search page. These are the suggested and relevant keywords related to the search. Try to include these search phrases as much as possible in the article as it would help you in attaining better rankings in search engines.

Video marketing

Apart from article writing, video marketing is yet another effective way of gaining rankings as well as driving traffic to your website. If you can rank your website on YouTube for right keywords, then your video can go viral and it can attract hundreds and thousands of traffic and often, much more, within no time. It is necessary to define certain targeted keywords and to also pay attention to the quality and production of the video that is being produced. Hiring a professional video production agency like Value Imagery is a great option to help you craft quality videos for your marketing campaign.

Social marketing

Social marketing has become very necessary as well as popular in the last decade or so. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are consistently used to drive traffic to a website. They can also be effectively used with the right keywords combination to attain higher rankings in search engines. In order to do this, you should target the right kind of keywords and try to rank your website on your Facebook Page, Twitter Tweet or similar pages of social media and networking site on Google. In this way, people will come across your social media page and they will get directed to your website indirectly.

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Paid marketing:

If you want instant rankings on Google for the search specific keywords, then you can try out their paid advertising called Adwords. For that, you have to bid on Google for keyword and if you bidding is good enough, then Google will show your site on the top of the page for those relevant keywords. This again requires a certain kind of strategy that needs to be understood and executed properly in order to get desired results.

Online press release:

One of the best ways to promote a website is through online press releases. Press releases get instant notifications and attention across the globe. If you can promote the press release or updated news of your website in the right way, then it can quickly generate lots of links in a quick succession of time, which indirectly influences search ranking standings. In this way, you would not only be able to get more links for your site, but you would also be able to get relevant search engine rankings.

Buying links:

Backlinks play an important role in ultimately determining the rankings of the website in Google and other search engines. Therefore, you can also purchase backlinks to your website in different kind of sites. It would be better if you buy links on the websites, that are either related to your niche or are somewhat reputed on the Internet. You can buy links in blogs, forums, and websites and any other site that you consider would be helpful in help getting better ranking in Google.

Final words:

So here were some of the basic tips that you should follow in order to get better rankings in search engines like Google. As most of the search engines follow Google’s standards of ranking, so even if you concentrate on promoting and getting better rankings on Google and no other search engine, that would be more than enough to get relevant and directed traffic to your website through search engines.