Unique Gift Ideas for 2020

gift ideas

You might have heard this saying a lot while growing up (I sure as hell did). For those who don’t know what it means, let me try to explain my perspective. For me this means, a gesture or a gift will do better compared to the common phrases used in happy or sad situations which are: ‘Sorry’, ‘Thank you’, ‘Happy Birthday’ etc. It may sound a bit shallow but trust me, if it’s your family, friend or your partner, a gift will bring a smile to their face, regardless of the situation (well, in most situations).

If you’re looking for gifts to make up for something you did or said or it’s someone’s birthday or you’re generally a caring person and like giving gifts, this article will help you come up with ideas for a creative gift. Don’t forget to wrap those gifts properly too.
DISCLAIMER: Make sure you select a gift idea which is appropriate for the situation and person. Don’t want more problems now, do you?

Wood Journal

As the name suggests, it’s just like any other journal but instead of a paper cover, the cover is made out of wood. It’s very aesthetic. You can even draw or paint on the wood cover and customize it the way you want it for the person you’re getting it for. Why this serves as a good gift is because they can write about their daily routine or doodle and every time, they take it out, they’ll be reminded of how awesome you are.

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Paint by numbers

One of the most in demand a gift suitable for everyone. Paint by number kits is a basically an art kit that consists of a canvas. The drawing on the canvas is divided into sections and these sections are labelled. You are to paint these regions using the paint set that comes with it. Each paint set is marked with the same number of the region. Once you paint all the sections, you’ll come to realize you painted a masterpiece. This is a perfect gift as you can work on it with the person, you’re getting it as a gift which could help you guys bounding.

3D Printing pen

If the wooden journal didn’t interest you, get them this pen which creates amazing and unique 3D art. It’s like legit showing others what you’re imagining. How cool is that? Mostly 3D printing pens are lightweight and pretty straightforward to use. This is fit for all ages and genders. These 3D printing pens are more than your average paintbrushes and pens. If your friend likes dinosaurs, give them this pen and let them draw you a 3D model of a dinosaur.

Colour Wheel Embroidery Sampler

This is a great gift idea for people who love hand embroidery and colour theory. This sampler combines the two. It consists of a circular pattern which is divided into segments. You can pick your favourite colours and their corresponding shades and complete the wheel. This is fun to complete and serves as a reference for future embroidery projects.

Above are four items that are suitable for your artsy family/friend/companion. Buy them one of these and trust me, they’ll be happy / forgive you for whatever you’ve done. Hope it helps!

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