Mix Different Types of Content to Grow Your Business

Mix Different Types of Content to Grow Your Business

In the world of online marketing there are several types of content one can use to attract and retain audience. Knowing all the types of content you can use on your site and how well your audience responds to each type can dramatically improve your ROI. A good content marketing strategy mixes different types of content, without crowding the site or overwhelming the user. Your goal is to make yourself heard among millions of other entrepreneurs by using your unique voice. For a start, you can test what works best for your audience by using analytics tools from siteimprove.com, which tell you which pages perform better than others. Once you know which type of content is best for your audience, you can focus on creating high valuable pages.

Written content

Written content can be divided into multiple types of content, from blogs, eBooks and testimonials or personal stories to the lesser used Call to Action copy, scripts and branding copy.

Blog posts are the core of all marketing strategies, as high-quality blogs can build brand awareness and drive traffic to your site. An effective blog is written based on your campaign goal and your potential buyer’s needs. There are three main types of blogs every site needs: evergreens, news and guest posts.

Evergreen content is exactly what it sounds like: valuable content which answers your audience’s questions and gives them solutions to their most common problems. Lists and how-to blogs are some of the most read types of written content.

Writing about industry news and letting your audience know about your business’ latest news will boost your website’s relevance and keep the audience interested.

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Guest posts from influencers in your industry drives more traffic as your guest will also bring some of their own audience. At the same time, guest posts can add more expertise to your website, as well as a different angle on the same topics.

Visual content

With the rise of smartphones, visual content has become very important, because it can deliver the message quick and efficient to an audience with a very short attention span. Investing in a custom visual content can raise brand awareness and enhance your visibility in the online medium, among other businesses in the industry. There are many types of visual content, the most common ones being infographics, videos, site visuals, illustrations and presentations.

Audio content, the bonus, less popular cousin

Audio content is also highly effective in reaching your campaign goals, if you know how to use it. Podcasts are a great way to communicate with your customers and start interesting discussions. You can also invite guests to host a podcast and ask the listeners to share their opinions on the topics. This will create engagement, as well as a tight-knit network of frequent listeners who can be converted later on.

Create your own mix of content and experiment with it, until you find the formula that works best for your company, with the help of analytics tools.