Quarantine Season 101: How to Survive a Second Shelter in Place

shelter in place

As of October 11, more than 7.69 million people in the United States have contracted COVID-19.

The majority of people that contract this virus are able to recover quickly and are asymptomatic. Unfortunately, it can affect others in much more serious ways and be deadly.

With the flu season coming up, cases are expected to increase. This could lead to the next shelter in place to help control the virus.

Continue reading to discover the best tips that will help you prepare for the next shelter in place, so that your family can be happy and healthy!

Focus on Mental Health

Self-quarantine is difficult as is but becomes even worse when you have declining mental health.

To get through the next shelter in place you will want to focus on both your physical and mental health. Many people recommend practicing yoga or meditation to help calm the mind. Both of these methods have shown to improve mental health, which makes thinking more clearly.

It may also be beneficial to take a break from social media if you are feeling depressed or anxious.

Spend Time With the Family

The flu season and holidays are just around the corner.

Many people are worried that COVID will impact their holiday plans, but you can still make the most of them with your family. You can keep everyone in your household safe and still spend quality time with them.

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Build a fire and roast marshmallows or watch a movie in the living room with your kids. This can help make a shelter in place not seem so restricted. If you are looking to get out of the house you can take your family to the park or go on a fun hike in the fresh air!

Make Appointments

Instead of waiting until it is too late, you should schedule your appointments and get medication refills now.

If the second wave of Coronavirus, is in fact, about to hit the United States, the hospitals and doctors’ offices will likely become busy again. Try to make your appointments now, while cases are lower so that you don’t have to worry about it later.

If you live in the California area, you can also get cannabis delivery for when aches and stress become too much. Telehealth sessions with your doctor may also be available, call your office to see!

Support Your Favorite Author

Finding things to do during quarantine can be frustrating but by supporting your favorite author, you can always have something to do.

Pick up a few books to read while the flu season makes its way through your town. You can escape from this hectic world and relocate to the destination in your books. Reading is a great activity for any time of the year and you can even read with the entire family!

Practice Proper Hygiene

The best way to reduce your chances of catching COVID-19 is by following safety guidelines and practicing proper hygiene.

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When you go out to restaurants or stores, you should wash your hands thoroughly and disinfect after touching shared surfaces. A mask will help keep those around you safe and can also prevent bacteria and viruses from easily entering your mouth or nose.

Make the Most of a Shelter in Place

The odds of another shelter in place are high right now with flu season just around the corner.

By handling medical appointments now you can be prepared for quarantine and not have to worry about medication refills. When you are stuck in the house it is important to spend time with those around you and make the most out of it. You can read, practice yoga, or build a fort while watching a movie to help pass the time.

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