Computer blue screen, restart is a life-saving straw? These two moves will help you effectively.

Computer blue screen, restart is a life-saving straw? These two moves are more effective. After reading, the computer blue screen is not asking for people.

Computer is an indispensable tool for daily office work, especially for copywriting, office work, or self-media writing and its accounting staff. Notebooks and desktop computers are the most ideal tools for office work, but many computers are irritated by the use of computers. How did a good computer suddenly crash blue screen? Everyone often loves to say that they have used it well! Because most of the computer-based friends are familiar with the computer application they are engaged in, and the computer system and its hardware and software are relatively unfamiliar, what is the best way to deal with the blue screen?

A lot of solutions to solve the blue screen is to restart the computer. This is indeed a problem that can solve 80% of the computer blue screen. After the restart, it means that the computer running program is closed, and the new round of operation restarts.

From a hardware perspective, running multiple software at once may cause overload of the processor or running memory. Although the current processor can theoretically run hundreds of millions of computing tasks per second, it is theoretical. In the process of hardware operation, it is subject to many objective conditions, such as power supply problems, cooperation between hardware in emergencies. Once the so-called “fighting” situation occurs, the system will appear due to the protection of computer hardware. Blue screen, of course, there are a lot of false positives in the middle, that is to say, if it has been running, it may not damage the hardware, but the system does not think so, all blue screens serve, based on this, the computer will run normally after restarting.

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From a software perspective, the system believes that some software may cause fatal damage to the computer , including precious data or hardware, such as common computer viruses, background Trojans, many software is frequently activated by viruses, causing the processor The resources are occupied, the processor usage is always more than 90%, and the CPU continues to heat up. In the case that the computer is considered to be overloaded, a blue screen will appear. In such cases, restarting the computer may repair it immediately. Blue screen problem.

The reason caused by the blue screen is nothing more than the following aspects. Many machine friends remind you to let the user see the blue screen after the computer prompts. In fact, these tips basically do not work, just follow the following several operations.

The hardware causes the blue screen to be the most caused by the memory stick. The gold finger oxidation of the memory stick is part of the reason. The memory slot and the memory stick cannot be in good contact due to dust, resulting in a blue screen, or an alarm is started when the power is turned on, so once Can cause computer startup failure or blue screen, open the back cover to remove the memory stick, polish the golden finger, blow the dust of the memory card slot on the motherboard, a memory can be changed to other memory slots, through the processing of the memory basically Can solve 80% of the blue screen and its boot can not enter the system failure.

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The CPU has poor heat dissipation, chassis dust, bad sectors of the hard disk, etc. The blue screen problem is not large , and may account for less than 10%. Of course, in the case of solving the boot failure and blue screen problem, after the memory check is still not possible, you can check These three items.

Many blue screen problems can still be solved after the above processing, so 90% of the blue screen of the reinstallation system can be solved.

This one is also used as a last resort. As we all know, most computers have a lot of files installed. Reloading means that all the C files are gone, so you need to use the PE system to enter the computer to back up the C files before reinstalling. Why do you say that reinstalling the system can solve most of the problems of the blue screen? The main reason is that we use too many piracy systems, especially the ghost system, in fact, the most likely computer blue screen of death.

In general, most of the computer blue screen is caused by memory or system reasons. Plugging and unloading the memory and reinstalling the system can basically solve many computer problems. If these two measures cannot be solved, it is basically a hardware. The problem may be that the motherboard, memory, CPU and other hardware are broken , only the replacement parts can be solved. What do you think about the blue screen of the computer?