Apples Slower Display

Apples Slower Display

The widely anticipated event from Apple to announce their newest flagship iPhone model is on the horizon and there are plenty of expected changes on the way from the inclusion of 5G connectivity, a bigger and better battery life, and a number of other quality of life changes. However, if the rumour mill is to be believed, one of the most popular consumer upgrades to hit flagship devices in recent years may be lacking due to Apples Slower Display.

This change is to the display – many new devices are launching with displays capable of reaching 120Hz – or the ability to update the display at double the rate of the typical display.

It has a huge number of benefits, the most noticeable is the addition of smoothness on everyday use of the device from scrolling through messages and menus or to make the gaming experience on mobile devices better – and this has been the most popular use, the rapid rise in a number of different services for gaming have caused a shift in our devices to seek upgrades that make the experience better and this has been true particularly during the pandemic period as users seek out alternatives to stay entertained and despite the recent changes to certain regulations and initiatives, users have been able to benefit from increased connectivity as many betting sites not on gamstop or more accessible gaming sites have become available, but the change in Apples Slower Display does come with drawbacks too.

The most notable is in battery life which has become an increasing concern for many anyway – the larger displays and applications that require bigger power draw along with the other hardware in our devices have pushed the requirement for a power bank or multiple charges through the day, and if the rumours are true that the newest iPhone won’t have a faster display this will likely be the reason why the latest push in flagships has been left by the wayside – this isn’t to say it may not be a feature on the more powerful devices such as the PRO or Max, but for those more concerned with the specification of their device than simply the brand, this could very well be something that causes many to look for a change, particularly as device costs have been creeping so high and many will be looking to get the most bang for their buck. 

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The event is set to take place on the day of writing this, October 13th, and will certainly be plenty to look out for with the most recent mention of price being one to look out for, devices have been pushing the four digit mark for a couple of years now and the higher end of the flagships will certainly be up there with the latest iPhone release, the big hope for many is that there are a number of huge features that can justify this price, and whilst there are many who will pay the asking price without a question, trends have been showing fewer are willing to open their wallets for the yearly upgrade.