Rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go: Which Are The Rarest Ones To Find?

rarest pokemon in pokemon go

You are aware of the game Pokemon Go. Aren’t you? One of the most popular games and quite an addiction, perhaps. Those who have watched Pokemon in their childhood days must be very fond of this game. Different kinds of Pokemon with different abilities. But don’t you want to know more? Curiosity makes a better person out of anyone. So, let’s try to answer all the questions that you have been looking for rarest Pokemon in Pokemon go till now.

Pokemon Go is played very widely by almost everyone. There are some pokemon that are easy to find and some that are rarest. In this game, you get to look for Pokemon as if the Pokemon in your world. Basically., making the virtual world into reality. This is what makes the game more and more fun.

Catching Pokemon, chasing and looking around for them, training and battling. That’s what makes this game more and more interesting and fun to play.

What is known to you as the rarest Pokemon? It is those Pokemon that are not easy to find or which take a lot of struggles to come out from the wild. If these rare Pokemon do not exist, then the fun of the game would go away. So, these rare Pokemon do need to exist.

rarest pokemon in pokemon go

Rarest Pokemon

There are all kinds of Pokemon, but there are some that don’t come in hand or, to be precise, that you can’t even find them. But those Pokemon are there only. They are the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go. Let’s have a look at these rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go:


What have you been looking for but not found yet? Unown is among them. One of its kind and also that strong as well. The question before finding out is, who does not want him? Known for being powerful but having a very unique-looking structure. As if some alphabets took from the Latin script. Having psychic powers makes him more than powerful even while attacking and defending. Quite a gem, but it is not like you can’t find it at all. Rare it is but if you are lucky, you can get it, or else, they might pop up in Pokemon Go tournaments.

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One of the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go is Noibat. Noibat is a flying animal and can be partly compared to a bird and partly to a dragon. His features are mostly like what you see as a bat. It is known to be seen in dark and silent places. Once found, it is not that difficult to get a hold of. It won’t make you struggle a lot for capturing.

rarest pokemon in pokemon go

Azelf, Mesprit and Uxie

These three can never be found altogether. That’s what makes them rare. Only if you are into raiding and that also when you are playing out of your region only, then only you can find them. They are known to be rare because they occur in particular regions. These regions can be found during occasional searches. Once you get them, they are quite an amazing trip.

Pikachu libre

If you are looking forward to winning more and more games in the future, you have to have this Pokemon. When we say as rare can be attained, but the reality is it is very difficult. You might think that you have to keep on playing, and in the later stages, you might get Pikachu libre, but no, it is not that easy. You have to have a rank of 25 to get Pikachu libre. Once you have him, winning the tournaments will become easy.


To be precise, more than rarest, it is rare to get a hold of it. This Pokemon will not come to your hand even after many struggles. You will keep on trying, but they tend to run away. The only way to get a hold of it is through one of those mystery boxes that you get in Pokemon Go. In that also, they rarely occur, but once they come by, you will attain one of the powerful Pokemon with great attacking abilities.

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They were not so rare, but the makers of Pokemon Go had to spice up the game. If people keep on finding the Pokemon easily, then the fu would go away. It has been made as one of the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go. To find it, you need to look for it in quite some places. Luckily if you get a hold of them, you get a charm. Axew, when evolved, can be powerful. Otherwise, you keep searching for it.


Chances keep on getting low for most of the players. The makers of Sandile have prepared eggs. The eggs, when hatching, do not make sure which Pokemon you are supposed to get. Like that, sandile is also known for being rare. Even though you might think that looking for it over quite some time may help you find Sandile, it is not possible. It would help if you kept on hatching eggs, and then only you can or may get a hold of Sandile.

rarest pokemon in pokemon go

Final thoughts

With this, we have come to the end of our blog! Now you know which are the rarest Pokemon in Pokemon Go. You must have learned quite something about this Pokemon. Hopefully, the information was useful to you. The rare Pokemon, once found, can make your game play powerful and fun. Let us know if the blog was useful or not. Also, please share it with your friends who enjoy playing Pokemon Go!

Now go and catch or hatch some pokemon, and not only that, enjoy playing your game! It’s time to become Pokemon Pro!