How to Leverage Browser Caching [Simple Guide]

leverage browser caching

If you own a business, your online portal is a gateway to sales and better engagement with your customers. But are you taking full advantage of everything the internet has to offer?

One way to increase engagement and sell more products or services to your clientele is to leverage browser caching. Understanding what browser caching is and how it can help your business is the first step toward better success.

What is Browser Caching?

Browser caching is the process by which your computer’s web browser software stores images and content to lower webpage loading times. You may be familiar with having to clear out your own cache from time to time.

Improving browser load times reduces the amount of bandwidth necessary to navigate your website. Therefore, it increases engagement levels with your consumers.

Different web pages on your website likely hold varying content including pictures, text, and even videos. All of these can cause load times to drag. But if you have browser caching tuned and deployed, your web page visitors will benefit.

After visiting the page for the first time, their browser will download all static information to deploy the next time they visit the same page. Thus, processing time is reduced.

The last thing you want is a customer to click on your website and find it unable to load. Unfortunately, you may have lost that customer forever as they will likely choose another competitive provider.

Leverage Browser Caching for Better ROI

Performance is key to capturing more business and improving your website’s return on investment (ROI). Look to this blog post for more information on how the speed at which your website loads affects sales and profits for your business.

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Furthermore, if you use Google, you can set rules limiting expiration times so that customers are not stuck waiting on content that will not load. Google uses load time as a website ranking standard, so you can expect to fall down the list of results if you do not maintain fast loading times.

To leverage browser caching in WordPress, download the applicable plug-in, and follow the instructions. It’s really that simple.

Like Google, WordPress will give you warnings about leveraging browser caching. This is your cue to take action. You can even configure WordPress to pre-load the cache or compress it for faster processing times.

When customers are attended to quickly and get the information they need to make a thorough decision, this is great for your business’ bottom line. It costs little to no overhead to maintain a good website, especially when most of the work is done with the help of companies like Google and WordPress now. Plus, you can make much more revenue and expand your growth exponentially.

Don’t Leave Money on the Table

Easy to implement and easier to maintain, an intuitive website is just the starting point to a successful business. Leverage browser caching to take advantage of this opportunity to the utmost.

Make sure you are using every opportunity to engage and connect with your customers. If you need more information on how best to maintain a functional website, check out our blog.