ADA Checklist: How to Make Your Website ADA Compliant

ADA Cheklist

ADA or the American with Disabilities Act is one of the most far-reaching and extensive components of civil rights legislation. Sure, a lot of people know the physical settlements or adjustments businesses make, for instance, wheelchair ramps and automatic door openers. However, the ADA has a bearing on the virtual world, too.

As the law states, websites must be as reachable as terminals, elevators, ATMs, and other accommodations. It should be accessible to all kinds of devices, namely smartphones, tablets, desktop, or laptop.

ADA compliance is ensuring your website comes about the decided accessibility standards. For a little help, below are some tips and tricks to ensure your website is ADA-compliant. Read on to know more!

Look for An ADA Agency

For sure, you might encounter a blank stare if you mention ADA compliance to some website developers. That said, look for an ada consultant services working with the web framework or platform you’re using.

Also, ask about how the agency’s workflow deals with accessibility. Take note that the majority of platforms includes a partner directory. That being so, you can start assessing or scrutinizing different ADA agencies for their verified experience in terms of web accessibility.

For instance, if your website is about eCommerce, you need to look for an agency that works on that platform. Additionally, you have to stick to an agency with multiple tools that analyze the accessibility of a website. 

Website Audit

Once you found an ADA agency, the next step is to run an audit on your website. Several tools will crawl your website and assess all the parts that don’t meet the prescribed accessibility standards for compliance.

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Moreover, the results will provide you a clear-cut, well-defined sense of work included. Therefore, you can weigh the benefits and budget properly. On the bright side, you might discover that your website is already ADA compliant. 

It is particularly true if you’re on an averagely progressive, growing platform and have employed the correct coding procedures during your website build. Another thing, the cost will largely rely upon the kind of platform your site uses, tools involved, and server setup. Each website design has different implications, and essentially, the ADA web audit cost can cost from hundreds to thousands. 

Know the Overall Level of Effort

In this instance, an ADA agency can make use of the report to measure the level of effort and give an estimate. They will help you create a budget, some expectation management, timelines, and projected deliverables. 

Maybe the list of tasks is very large, that this procedure is just not practical for your business. But, at least, you will know how to make your site ADA compliant and can plot ways to address issues in the future. 

Keep in mind that some vital work is typically much better than nothing at all. For some, complete ADA compliance must be done, because of legal counsel, audience, sales strategy, or company size.

Get to Work

When you’ve finished mapping the project, well, it is time to work. Your ADA agency will begin working via multiple tasks and can communicate or relay how these developments will significantly impact the user experience. 

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The following are some of the common ADA problems and solutions:

  • The photos or pictures on your website need another text affiliated with them if they don’t show on a device, or users can’t see the image. This text will then evidently render what the element is. Remember that without the alternative text, some readers won’t understand what data or information is being displayed.
  • If the website’s colors for crucial elements such as buttons don’t have sufficient contrast, then it’s difficult for users to understand what the button is and its purpose.
  • If different inputs for forms don’t have the correct labels, it can be a real challenge for various ADA devices to discern their function. 

Stay Informed

Keep in mind that ADA compliance is not a one-time thing you’ll forget easily. Know that compliance standards evolve and change just as your site does. Thus, always stay informed on changes in compliance standards so you won’t fail to comply with the ADA. 


Ensuring your website is ADA compliant has plenty of benefits. For instance, it offers you a hard-driving advantage and might result in more transactions. Also, it gives your users better browsing experience, provides comprehensible information for several search engine results, minimizes the risk of ADA litigation, aids the website in reaching a wider audience, more sales, and better search engine ranking

Although website ADA compliance is somewhat open to interpretation and subjective, it is not hard to know what’s meant by adequate accessibility. Businesses can move toward a compliant website much easier, thus, avoiding possible lawsuits.

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