How to Deliver a Thank you to the Customer?

thank you

‘Sorry’ and ‘Thank you’ are the most powerful words that one can imagine. These polite words can bring a positive change of intention. As much as we teach our kids about using these words, we must also remember them while in our day-to-day business.

Especially, the sales team needs to thank the customers for their time and patience. Regardless of whether the sale was successful or not, appreciating and thanking the customer in the long run. 20% of the company’s customers are responsible for 80% of its revenue and profits. So, being considerate towards the revenue-generating lot as well as the others is vital.

What is the best medium to send a thank you message?

Creating contact with the customer is possible in numerous ways. You can either choose to,

  • Call on their phone
  • Leave a text message
  • Send an email

Out of all these options, email is the most professional and able means. The ROI on email is 4400% for every dollar spent. So, recognise the email platform to thank the customer. You can always be creative with the writings, images and gifs to make it look more attractive.

Where to find the email contacts?

With the advent of the internet and technology, professional life has become easier than ever. There are apps to track productivity and, then there are the ones that help filter the potential sales through the funnel.

Softwares are available online that can find emails for you in the blink of an eye. An AI-powered website like can assist you in answering the question ‘how to find someone’s email’ with its extensive database. This freemium website also comes with a chrome extension to your Linkedin account, making it simple for you to find the email contacts of the profiles.

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How to land on a perfect thank you email?

Though you are doing business with the clients, a mere sentence like, ‘thank you for doing business with us’ sounds counterproductive to a legitimate email. You need to keep it genuine and personal lest there is a greater chance of the customer considering this email as an insignificant transaction.

Always mention the customer’s name in the emails. It makes it more professional and direct. Did you know? Personalising the subject line of the email can increase its open rate by 50%. So count this point too. While appreciating the relationship, mention the future plans and how you’d love to continue with them. This gives out a concrete message that you wish to further the business with them.

Final thoughts

Keep a note of the customer’s successes or anniversaries. Use this information to give them an additional discount or special service on that specific date. It’s quite common for the sales reps to neglect the old customers while they’re busy pushing the new ones in the sales pipeline. Always remember that the potential clients might get some new business, however, it is the old customer that brings in the profits into the company.