Best Reality TV Shows that You Can Watch in 2021

Best Reality TV Shows

You either love reality TV shows, or you hate them—there’s nothing in between. Some reality shows have indeed been bad, and their ratings speak for themselves. However, some reality shows have managed to grab viewers’ attention and turn them into loyal watchers. One of the best reality TV shows is Man vs. Wild, which aired for 73 episodes and was loved by almost everyone.

If you’re looking for some reality TV shows that are good for real, stay tuned. We’ve handpicked nine such shows you can’t risk missing.

The Real World

You can’t exclude a TV show from the list of best reality TV shows that started it all. The Real World by MTV was one of the first reality shows in TV history that propelled the reality TV scene.

The show had a simple concept—seven or eight young adults will remain in a new space in a new city and be filmed 24/7. It also tackled numerous social issues like racism, sexuality, substance abuse, and even death. The Real World aired successfully for 27 years before it ended in 2019.

Laguna Beach: Best Reality TV Shows

Regarded by many as the greatest reality TV show of all time, Laguna Beach is an MTV reality show with a similar concept to The Real World but is very different in terms of the vibe. The show delves into eight high schoolers living in Laguna Beach. If you’ve ever wondered how Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari got famous, Laguna Beach is the show that gets the credit. The show has only three seasons and aired from 2014 to 2016. You can watch it on Amazon Prime.


If watching a group of people in a closed space seems boring, you can try Survivor. The show first aired in 2000. It has been running for more than two decades and has over 40 seasons.

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Best Reality TV Shows
Best Reality TV Shows

The reason for the success of this show is its unique concept. Each season has eight contestants on a stranded island with limited resources. The winner gets a cash price. The show is long, and therefore, it’s great for binge-watching. It has over 600 episodes. So, even if you watch two episodes a day, you’ll need around two years to watch it.

The Bachelor

The Bachelor is a dating show that aired on ABC in 2002. If you’re not into dating shows, this show might not be for you. But if it’s something you enjoy watching, you’ll absolutely love The Bachelor. The concept of the show is simple, and it has remained this way forever.

The premise of the show is to help a single man find love. The man is matched against 25 women, and he has to find love with one or more of them. The show starts with a rose ceremony, followed by a series of events like group updates, cocktail hours, and one-on-ones.

The franchise became so successful that it has to launch spin-offs like The Bachelor: Winter Games, Bachelor Pad, and Bachelor in Paradise.

Man vs. Wild: Best Reality TV Shows

As discussed, Man vs. Wild is one of the greatest reality TV shows of all time, and rightly so. The host Bear Grylls lands in extreme locations like deserts, rainforests, mountains, etc., with his team. There, he needs to survive without any external help. The show features some extreme moments where Bear eats a snake, squeezes elephant dung to drink the liquid, drinks his own urine, and gives himself an enema to stay hydrated.

Though the show can become amusing, overwhelming, and even gross at times, it’s a great watch if you like survivor shows. And since Bear is an ex-military professional, he gives many useful tips on survival.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians

If Keeping Up with the Kardashians is the first reality TV show you ever saw, you’re not alone. Though The Real World was one of the first shows to set the stage for reality TV shows, it was Keeping Up with the Kardashians that got people interested in the concept. The show aired for the first time in 2007 and is still going strong. Its 20th and final season will air in 2021.

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The show basically takes you into the lives of the Kardashians. If you want to see how Kim Kardashian and her sisters were a decade ago, this show will be a great watch.

Girls Next Door

If you’re looking for something unique and lightweight, Girls Next Door will get the job done for you. The show takes place in the Playboy Mansion. It stars Hugh Hefner and his then-girlfriends Kendra Wilkinson, Bridget Marquardt, and Holly Madison. The show delves into the day-to-day life of living in the Playboy Mansion, the luxurious life of Hugh Hefner, and what goes into planning a Playboy Party. The first season is the best of all, and you can watch all the seasons on Amazon Prime.

Million Dollar Listing

Let’s end this list with another unique show that’s different from all the shows discussed so far. Million Dollar Listing is a reality TV show that takes you into the lives of some of the best real estate agents in top cities in the United States.

Best Reality TV Shows
Best Reality TV Shows

The show has had five seasons so far—two of Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles (2006), two of Million Dollar Listing New York (2012), and one of Million Dollar Listing Miami (2014). Steve Gold, a fashion model, turned real estate agent, has joined the franchise for the sixth season.

In all, Million Dollar Listing takes you into the lives of high-profile real-estate agents and how they flip houses. You can watch the show on the Bravo TV channel.

Conclusion: Best Reality TV Shows

In all, there are dozens of amazing reality TV shows you can watch right now. The show you watch will depend on your individual preferences. If you like watching people doing regular stuff shows like The Real World will be an ideal pick. If you’re fond of survival shows, you can go for Survivors and Man vs. Wild. You can also look for other shows based on the genre you prefer.