instagram videos

Instagram is a hit these days. It has developed as one of the biggest platforms in less than a decade, and people do not seem to get over it anytime soon. Instagrammers popular as influencers utilize the platform to interact with their followers and tell them ways to live a healthy and fit life. Along with this, people take advantage of this platform to market their products. This is done statically and dynamically.

Videos as a marketing source

With modernization, many techniques have come to life to market brands and products. Platforms, software, and systems are introduced to help small businesses grow online and big businesses to expand their target markets. Included in such platforms are emails, newsletters, blog posts, websites, and social media apps.

Social media apps work through a simple mechanism, the number of Instagram likes or followers your page reflects upon your popularity. And to maximize these likes, videos are the chosen tools. They can be shot for many reasons, such as a message for the followers, product promotions, product reviews. Since we have discussed how important these videos are, the next step is uploading a video.

Preparing a video of a certain length, and realizing that it is too long to be uploaded hurts a lot. All your effort is good for nothing. So before shooting for a video, the point of issue is a video length. Instagram video lengths vary depending on their nature.

Regular posts

These are simple profile posts that appear on your walls like photos and other posts. These videos are more like WhatsApp status and are limited. The time limit of a regular Instagram post is 60 seconds. Shooting a video more than a minute long is of no use because you have to trim to 60 seconds, ultimately. The only benefit you get here is you can choose the part of the video to be trimmed.

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Instagram stories

These are alternative wall posts, the only difference is that stories last for twenty-four hours. After the given time, they disappear and are not accessible unless posted again. Another difference between regular posts and stories is that the latter is displayed in the form of a slideshow. However, posts are individual. For IG stories, influencers and marketers prefer videos. The set time of a video on insta stories is 15 seconds. They cannot be longer than that.


Livestreaming is when a person is currently video chatting with his followers. Livestreams have become a trend nowadays as chat sessions, watch parties, interviews, fan Q/A sessions, and public announcements are handy and essential for every profession. People prefer to stay in touch with their followers and live streaming is the best option to do that. Because interacting with people properly requires a certain time and energy, Instagram allows you to shoot videos for live streams as long as lasting for an hour.

Many fringe-benefits come along with this long video upload.

  • If you are not done yet, you can immediately restart the live session once an hour is completed.
  • These streams are saved in insta stories and you can rewatch them, in case you have missed them.
  • The rewatch feature can be disabled by the initiator to induce maximum attendance.


It is the acronym for Instagram television. It has been launched recently in competition to facebook and other social media videos. Such TVs are famous for short films. Video in IGTV can be as short as 15 seconds and as long as 10 minutes. Many entertainment channels who make money through these short films upload these on IGTV and can be viewed anytime and anywhere by anyone. In other words, IGTV is not restricted by privacy.

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If you have made a long video, and it is not eligible to upload, the question that arises in everyone’s mind is how long videos can be uploaded on Instagram. As tricky as this question seems, the genius minds of this century have a crack for everything. Many ways have been introduced to cut the time barrier and post lengthy videos on Instagram.

One simple tactic is to post them in parts. For example, influencers post 15 to 25 sets of videos to their fifteen-second story. This is easy and beneficial as people do not have to listen to the whole thing at once. And they can take a break in between.SS