That’s How You Can Prepare For Your First Motorhome Trip

motorhome trip planning

If you want to go wherever the wind leads, rent a motorhome! You can take your family and friends and spend as much time on the road as you wish.

The best thing is that you can also take all the essential items with you. There is no need to spend a fortune on accommodation or restaurant meals since you can live and cook in your house on wheels.

Here is what you need to know if you are going on your first motorhome vacation with your loved ones:


Find parking in advance

Camping can be expensive in some places. That’s why you need to find all the parking slots in advance. There are a lot of beautiful places on the road, so do your research and choose the best spots. You might as well consider converting your van into a campervan to learn more check out for campervan ideas.

Pack wisely

You will not always be able to spend time in nature. So, plan a series of entertainment for the rainy season. If you take kids with you, make sure they have something to do while you drive. Consider taking some board games and books for them (if you don’t want your kids to stare at their phones all day long).

Also, make a list of cooking supplies you will need on the way. It will help you save up to hundreds of pounds on meals during your vacation.

Take your bike

If you want to travel to different cities, having a bike is a must. You will be able to leave your motorhome outside of the city and explore the city centre on two wheels only. So, consider hitching bikes on your motorhome in order to save some space inside.

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Get WiFi

You can place an antenna on the RV roof and connect the wifi cable to your TV or laptop. The Internet connection in the motorhome can make your life easier, especially if you need to work during your vacation.

Here is a list of things you should take with you, according to Oaktree Motorhomes: