How effective and safe are the pills for weight gain?

pills for weight gain

It is possible to healthily gain weight by increasing body mass, fat, and protein content. There are natural and chemically-induced ways to achieve this goal. In the market, you can get two different categories of pills for weight gain. They are prescription drugs and over the counter (OTC) medicines. Both these varieties have their pros and cons. Let us have a look at the related facts for better knowledge:

Prescription pills for weight gain

If you visit a doctor for weight gain, he would determine whether you are in a healthy weight range. If not, he would prescribe pills for weight gain. You have to consume it in specific dosages for a fixed number of times a day. These drugs are only for a few days of usage. They contain high amounts of anabolic steroids. These medicines are also common among athletes or patients recovering from illness, cancer, or muscular dystrophy.

Methyltestosterone: It boosts male testosterone levels and fights androgen deficiency or low sex hormone levels. Athletes illegally depend on this drug to gain weight, increase their strength and muscle mass.

Oxandrolone: Also called Anavar, it is for patients recovering from severe trauma, chronic infection, or extensive surgery. The drug is part of hormone replacement therapy to increase testosterone.

Oxymetholone: It is for those who have had debilitating diseases or chronic disorders. The steroid can build up weight and promote muscle growth in recovering patients.

Over the counter (OTC) drugs

These pills and supplements for weight gain do not require a doctor’s prescription. You can buy the medicine at a supermarket store, pharmacy, or larger retail chains. The OTC medication is usually in the form of a pill or powder with attractive packaging.

Some of these health supplements are popular, but please do not pop them carelessly, but instead double-check the pill for its effectiveness, reliability, consistency, and safety standards.

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The OTC drugs claim to either reduce your metabolism rate or increase appetite. Some of them promise weight gain in specific areas of the body, which is a far-fetched claim. Avoid all such drugs, which make unrealistic assertions. Since there is no proper regulation in place, the buyer has to be more cautious.

Side effects of pills for weight gain

Prescription medications work in different ways to increase weight. They increase appetite, retain body salts, and slow down the metabolism. These pills also increase fat storage, thereby leading to considerable weight gain. But these drugs are not without side effects, even if you use them for a very short period.

  • Children and teens will have stunted growth due to pill usage.
  • Men’s testicles being to shrink, while their breasts can get enlarged.
  • Women complain of an enlarged clitoris, and their menstrual cycles stop.
  • Symptoms associated with a very common prostate cancer begin to show.
  • Liver damage and kidney failure or defects are a real possibility.
  • The heart can also get enlarged due to prolonged consumption of these pills.
  • Increased facial hair is noticeable in many users of this drug.
  • Psychological delusions, mood swings, and disorders are also displayed.
  • The medication can cause extreme irritability and impair decision-making.

Role of healthcare provider

Prescription drugs require the permission of a licensed physician, but OTC drugs and supplements are freely available. You can purchase and consume them without anybody’s consent. But such a method is not safe as there are multiple adverse side effects and health risks.

So, be careful and do not get carried away by advertising slogans. Also, do not get swayed by all the promises and claims by these pill sellers. Instead, take the help of a doctor for valuable guidance. A registered nutritionist, licensed dietician, or a general physician is very helpful. He or she can advise you based on current requirements and available options.

You can establish a long term relationship with the expert for continuous guidance. He or she will consider all the factors and give appropriate advice for healthy weight gain. Please do not be reckless, but research before you make the final call.

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Additives in pills for weight gain

Not everyone can afford a personal dietician or health advisor. So, knowledge of OTC pills is very significant for you to make a choice. For example, many of these non-prescriptive drugs are more of a glorified multi-vitamins pill. These supplements get added with high volumes of caffeine and guarana additives.

Yes, you can consume these pills in moderate amounts for an energy boost. But regular usage for stimulation leads to fatigue and sleeplessness. The blended products also have other ingredients that can cause immense harm.

It is not wise to expect every pill in the market to effectively increase your weight. Pills with echinacea reduce swelling, but weight gain is not apparent. Similarly, creatine supplement is popular as it helps muscles to hold extra water. But the OTC pill is not suitable for those with kidney or heart disease, Parkinson’s, or bipolar disorder. Additives also lead to nausea, diarrhea, stomach upset, rashes, and other allergic reactions. Natural products are more likely to induce an allergic reaction. Thus, make sure to learn all the ingredients in the pills before you start consuming them.

Natural alternatives

Dietary experts and nutrition specialists agree on one point. They accept that many of the popular pills for weight gain have limited efficiency. There are other healthier and safer ways of building up the body’s mass. However, these methods are subjective, and you have to choose a specific regimen.
  • Contact a licensed dietician for professional advice on gaining weight. They offer personalized recommendations with few or no risks.
  • Accept that gaining weight can take a lot of time. Be patient and focus on the right kind of food and exercise routines for your overall well-being.
  • Join a weight support group or program to share new ideas and methods. You can clear all doubts and learn from others’ experiences to become more confident.

Finally, calorie-dense food is an excellent natural choice to grow weight. It includes red meats, chicken, pork, salmon, beans, eggs, cheese, whole milk, and fatty yogurt.